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An eusocial subspecies of Elf that live deep within the underdark, these humanoids live in large, strongly bonded groups, interacting little with outsiders.
Each group typically has less than 300, spread across a couple km of tunnels and caverns deep below the earth. Ruled by typically around 3 queens, though succesful groups have had as few as 1 and as many as 8 queens at a time. Typically they will just be killed and replaced by a challenger, but if the conditions are favourable, a permanent addition can be made, and then it is treated as standard.

Basic Information


Physically quite similar to normal Elves, except very dark skin and white hair.

Growth Rate & Stages

Drow require care from the workers for at least 5 years after birth, but workers require care for 10 years. After this period, they grow up similar to normal elves.

Ecology and Habitats

Deep below the surface, in the Underdark

Additional Information

Social Structure

The drow themselves are split into roughly 5 groups, but 8 types are born.
The first and largest group are the male workers. Comprising around 2/3 of any large population of drow, they look after the young, farm, maintain the buildings and generally do the work needed by the hive. They are sterile.
The second largest group are the female soldiers. They are around 1/3 of the drow, and protect the colony from the many threats of the underdark. They do sometimes assist the workers.
The third group does not stay with the colony, travelling to nearby ones around half the time. These are the fertile males. On average there are 3 per queen in a colony, but around 10 will be produced in a queens life. Around a third will be kept within the colony, sent to the other queens, while the other 2/3 will be sent to the other colonies nearby, strenghtening bonds. Only half of those will survive.
The fourth group, rather small, are the so called "dormant queens". Until activated, they are just more powerful soldiers. Typically there are 2-3 under each queen, so 6-9 in a colony of 300.
Finally, there are the actual queens in a colony. They are fully fertile and act as both the administrator and head of the colony and the mother to all their children, around half the colony. With the other queens, typically 2, they maintain their hold of the area.
The 3 kinds of drow not kept in the colony are not suited to eusocial life, and are remnants of the pre-illithid drow. They are male and female drow that do not have the latent telepathy of the colony drow, and so cannot be controlled by the queen, and the enby drow that are a manifestation of Corellon Larethian, from before Lolth and the Illithid.
When a queen is killed, all her children become disconnected from the colony. Around a 1/4 will become insane, attacking everything nearby, though prefering those that arent their siblings. Another 1/4 will simply shut down, walk away and die somewhere. The last 1/2 will just leave the colony and attempt to form a new colony. The one or two queens that do this are normally unsuccessful, but it does lead to slow replacement of colonies.
The highest ranking dormant queen in the remaining females will take the position as the new queen, but if there is none the position will be vacant and the colony smaller. One queen very rarely has more than around 100 children.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Drow have low level telepathy, which enforces their colonial lives. The queens can direct their workers and soldiers to act how they wish them to act, and they will continue to do so even if the queen is removed. In addition, this telepathy allows for speechless cooperation between groups of workers or soldiers.
Drow have rather connection to magic compared to other elves, but the queens, dormant queens, and PCs all have sparks.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Homo Serenus Tenebris


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