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1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  
A quick run-down/me rambling about custom languages in this world as well as anything that's been changed or expanded upon for standard D&D languages:
  • Langsi – a creole language spoken by the Reszmeni (Yuan-ti) people of central and northern Mahid. It is the only known creole language to incorporate an extraplanar language, Celestial.
  • Saktosian – language of svirfneblin and rock gnomes. Not lost (plenty of writing still survives) but has almost no native speakers, and very few who speak it at all. Most speakers live in port-towns along the coasts of the Caelestis Ocean.
  • Elvish/High Elvish – essentially just Elvish (if you take Elvish as a language, I'll assume you know both, but you can choose not to if you like), but with two different scripts, sorta similar to Simplified and Traditional Chinese. Most of the actual words are ripped from Sindarin. I imagine the accent sounding a little bit like Greek, but with that slower, unhurried cadence that some Southern accents have.
  • Hazan – shares a number of sound in common with Semitic languages, has an abjad writing system (only consonants) which makes it somewhat challenging for non-native speakers to learn.
  • Axatl – a creole language spoken throughout the Free Cities of Axapotlan
  • Khairluutian - the language spoken by grey Dwarves, as well as being the lingua franca of the Khairluutian Empire
  • Orcish – spoken mainly by the Aglasli peoples, has a similar sound to Turkic Siberian languages.
  • Twilit Mosvadoran/Dawning Mosvadoran – two different dialects of the same language, think Brazilian Portuguese vs. Portugal Portuguese. Part of the same language family as Elvish/High Elvish and uses the same script as regular Elvish. If you know Mosvadoran, you can read/understand both dialects, but I will want to know which one your character speaks with just for flavor reasons.
  • Lossoma – a fey botanical language requiring plants only found in the fey realm, so is something only used by fey who have spent most of their life in the fey realm.
  • Undercommon, Draconic, and Goblin aren't things
  • Interactions with fiends are exceptionally rare, knowledge of their languages is even more so, so if you wish to know Abyssal or Infernal, you will need a very good justification for it.

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