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1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  
Saktosian is considered by most to be a dead language, although some will strongly opine that it should be instead considered dormant. Once spoken by those native to Saktos, as well as being a common second language at many port towns around the Caelestis Ocean, its use declined when Saktos did. Most estimates are done with large margins for error, but it's believed that 65-90% of the population of Saktos died when Avari came to power, and with it an identical percentage of native speakers.   In the immediate aftermath, there were still many small pockets of Saktosian communities abroad, along with ships that has survived the storms, but these communities slowly dwindled, assimilating into local communities with fewer being taught the language with each generation.

Geographical Distribution

It's quite rare to find anyone still capable of speaking Saktosian; some of the oldest living dark elves residing in port towns bordering the Caelestis Ocean in Mosvador and Vriddasa can still recall some of it, though remembering it with any real fluency is uncommon, especially considering it was often a second or third language that they have not used in centuries. It is also used by some pirate crews who prowl the oceans, claiming Saktosian ancestry.
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