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1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  
The Saktosian people consisted predominantly of deep gnomes and rock gnomes, but the citizens of Saktos welcomed all kinds and were famous for their hospitality. Long having been an inventive, seafaring people, their ships were second to none. A port without a Saktosian selling their wares was considered a rare sight and, sometimes, a bad omen.   Nowadays, deep gnomes and rock gnomes still exist, however few in number, but are no longer commonly associated with Saktos. Next to none speak their language as a mother tongue, if they even speak it at all. Over the centuries, the few survivors of Avari's rise to power fled to other countries and assimilated into new communities, many changing their names to avoid association with their previous homeland.   There are some bands of pirates that prowl the Caelestis Ocean known to claim Saktosian ancestry, although some believe these claims to be false and only an attempt to associate themselves with Saktos's naval might.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Agathe, Corinna, Efimia, Evanthia, Flora, Mideia, Tasia, Xene   (always end in a vowel)

Masculine names

Angelos, Elias, Kyriakos, Lavrentis, Mathaios, Nikos, Tasos, Vlasis   (always end in an S)

Family names

Anthakos, Cosmellis, Demeli, Kallidis, Lazakis, Metrea, Politides, Salatou


Major language groups and dialects

Shared customary codes and values

The people of Saktos greatly valued hospitality. Strangers, especially those from far away lands, were viewed as having great potential value; fresh minds who had lived lives entirely different from their own and could have new ideas and perspectives to offer. Anyone travelling through Saktos could expect to regularly have their opinions sought out regarding new inventions, business ventures, or creative pursuits. In return, they would likely be offered at the very least a hot meal, if not a place to stay for the night. Inns were not terribly common in Saktos.
Related Organizations
Languages spoken

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