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1st of Sun's Swell, AE 721  

The word Lossoma combines the Sylvan root words for flower, lossa, and voice, oma. It is a language which is impossible to truly speak outside of the fey realm; as a botanical language, many species associated with common ideas can only be found there. While mortals have periodically created their own versions of floral languages, some original and some derivative, Lossoma has a degree of complexity not yet seen on the mortal plane. 


There are four main components which make up Lossoma: the types of botanicals used, the specific combinations of said botanicals, the the fashion in which they are presented to the receiver(s), and position of the various botanicals relative to each other. The types of botanicals needs little explanation, but certain combinations may alter meanings, often in an adverbial sense, but also tonally, possibly conveying sarcasm or sincerity. The fashion in which they are presented and the position of the botanicals are quite intertwined; a wreath may present information in a specific, intentional order, while one or a pair of botanicals worn somewhere on the body may convey a particular intention or mood to those at a social occasion.

Writing System

Lossoma could, in theory, be written in any language simply by writing the names of the flowers and plants, although it would lose much of the context that is provided by the positioning of the flowers and the form they take.


Some believe that High Elvish may have originated from an attempt to create a written version of Lossoma. They share certain similarities in that much like slight changes in the positioning of flowers specify a sender's intent, so too can small alterations in the bend or length of a line or accent elucidate the finer meaning of a word.


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