Nimble Feet

"Oh a new customer! Welcome, welcome! I'm sure you have heard the story of an old queen who was performing here in her childhood! Come in, come in!"
First meeting with the innkeeper of Nimble Feet
  In Atlasé, several taverns and inns proclaim to be the place where Renala Lenisentertained in her childhood to help the young bard, Ienoas, earn money, and in return teach her how to play the lute. Most inns and taverns uses the name Noblewoman and Bard to make their tavern seem like the place where Renala entertained.

You can probably imagine how difficult it was for me to find the real tavern where Renala entertained when most commoners taverns are called the same!
- A note left by the author
Upon reaching the mining town of Mynglados in the mid-west of Atlasé, there are one inn, one tavern, and one alehouse to greet your sight. The first name you see is the tavern named Bard and Noblewoman, then the Queen Song, an alehouse, and an inn called Nimble Feet.
I discovered the Bard and Noblewoman were just another tavern established several hundred years after Renala's death, so I ruled out that this were the inn where Renala had performed.
The alehouse, Queen Song, were much more appropriate timewise, but I discovered later, that it sold the noble's story of Renala, which made it less historical.
Lastly, there were the Nimble Feet, a much smaller building than the others, had a few wear and tears over the centuries, but still stood as it would have since Renala were still alive.  

The layout of Nimble Feet

Nimble feet has a separate small stable where travellers can have their horses rest and fed. Inside the inn's first floor there is the main hall, where both cooking and eating is happening. There is room for about 18 sitting guests inside the main hall.
The higher cellar contains 6 hogsheads of beer, a small table with stools, for the staff and the innkeeper's family to sit.
The lower cellar have eleven hogsheads of beer, and equipment for brewing.
The chamber above the cellar, is the innkeeper's quarters.
The five chambers on second floors have a feather-bed and furnitures, where people can get their food sent up to the chamber they are staying in.
It is common that people share beds at inns, both to keep warm and to save space.  

Nimble Feet's Name and History

Most people assume Nimble Feet's name refers to the many people staying at this inn while travelling. Since Mynglados is one of the more central towns in Atlasé, trade-routes finds themselves often going though this town, which makes merchants the largest clientele of Nimble feet. It is a fair assumption that Nimble Feet was named because of this, but in reality it was named after the founder, Nitloas Shoemakerson, who apparently came by a lot of money and opened this inn.

Nitloas were a quite cheerful person who loved dancing. Histories goes that he often danced while serving, and while he was a shoemaker apprentice at first, earned him the nickname Nimble Feet. He thought the name was a reference for the inn and made it the official name for the inn with an image of him on the sign outside.

A sign of Renala
But the importance of this inn comes from the fact, that it is the inn where Renala and Ieonas used to perform in. How do we know this is the in? Firstly it is near the castle Lenís, where she used to live, the second is there were a small artist drawing a drawing of Renala who jumped around the tables to steal Ieonas' audience. Nitloas asked the artist afterwards if he could buy the drawing and put it on the wall inside his tavern. The drawing is still inside the main hall.

I asked the innkeeper whether there were other proof of Renala being here, and she straightened her back and led me to a blank spot in the wall.
"This is the spot where Renala's father punched in anger that time he discovered what she was doing. Look you can still see the marks of his knuckles."
- An excited innkeeper.
You might imagine my surprise that someone would show me such a small mark in a wall with such a pride, but this is what makes Nimble Feet great.
Founding Date
356 AGD


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