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The Magic of Aesontis

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Author's Notes

This is my first article in this world. Because of that, as time passes some of the design elements and aspects may be altered. If that's the case, this article may gradually become slightly outdated. However, at the moment, all of the content is to par with the rest of the world.   Since the world is still new, I don't yet have a full developed writing style or design for each article. If anyone wants to suggest anything, always feel free to leave a comment.  

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Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
27 Oct, 2020 23:54

Tottally understand the info is prone to change or tweaking. No worries. So starting off, I like the quote and how it gives a good idea of how someone in this world views resonance. I also like it as, what I assume to be, a magic system. I like that the force itself comes from the plane. It feels more local in a way, at least from my interpretation. I love that you list limits of resonance. It makes it more believable and the core tattoos are really cool. I like that a lot. Well done.       The discussion resinating points and strands interests me. Does this power have a direct effect on the planet's ecology? This stuff being all over the place might yield some spectacular things.   "Resonators their power and bring Aesontis to life." I think it's brings, though I'm not sure   Well done, informative, and it definitely builds some interest in the setting.

Jacob Billings
28 Oct, 2020 01:15

Thanks for the comment. I plan on including that type of opener in all magic-system related articles. (Mostly because I forgot to on my non-magic articles). As far as magic goes, I personally think this is my best magic system, so I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it as well.   I've not actually considered ecology or geology being impacted by Resonance. I'd say slightly. However, that's an odd thing to consider. I will say, I've got all of my points planned out and the article should overview that whenever I get to it. Generally, the point will be using Resonance of the associated Core.   Yeah. Just a small typo.   Thanks so much, it's great to hear it worked out since this was the founding article of the world.