The Magic of Aesontis

The more I look into the power of Resonance, the more curious I become. It's very abstract and loosely defined, yet still has strictly defined rules and abilities. I've looked through every study I could find, but most of them were unable to get any further than the basics. But, perhaps that's all I need. We shall see, but Podosía is still pressuring me into going with her to watch the games. I'll likely give in as I am a bit curious as to what the skilled Resonators can accomplish.
-- Eritís Meseti, Dear Son Journal Collection
The power of Resonance flows through the very core of Aesontis, acting as the very life of the planet. While powerful, coming from a nigh infinite source, Resonance can be used by humans called Resonators, crafting the sheer power to reshape the world before them.   At it's core, Resonance is the power that fills the planet, Aesontis. However, when used by Resonators, it becomes more. It becomes power, the power to change the world at will. But Resonance is a powerful, natural force nigh impossible to control alone; therefore, each Resonator bears a tattoo made from Sopactum, a metal known for its connection to Resonance.  
"Why can only some people use Resonance?"
— Pupil
"Resonance flows through Aesontis and, as it is the life we see, it flows through everyone. But, only some of us can use it on our own."
— Teacher
  • Gravity Manipulation
  • Manipulation of Elements
  • Light Manipulation
  • Sound Manipulation
  • Bonding of Matter
  • Time Manipulation
  • Space Manipulation
Laws & Restrictions
The power of Resonance is restricted by the Resonator's Sopactum Core Tattoo and the abstract volume of Resonance they can channel
The Core of the Planet
Secondary Forms

Abilities & Effects

Seven Cores  
Vity The Core of Gravity
Emet The Core of Elements
Ligh The Core of Light
Sou The Core of Sound
Ondi The Core of Bonding
Ti The Core of Time
Ace The Core of Space
Since the beginning of time, Resonators have learned to turn the, often volitile, power of Resonance into specific abilities that have been devided into the Seven Cores, further identifiable by the Harmonics. Each form of Resonance is channeled through a Resonator's Sopactum Core Tattoo, turning raw energy into maliable power.   Each of the Cores provides a different aspect of reality to control. These range from laws of physics like gravity to the sounds that people hear. Even the planes of Time and Space can be altered through different forms of the Seven Cores and each's Harmonics.  
Defining Harmonics and Cores   The relation of Core to Harmonic is simple: a Harmonic is a specific ability that a Core can accomplish. The most notable example is that one of the Harmonics of Emet is flame. Another is ice. Emet is the best example of Cores and Harmonics, posessing the most Harmonics of any Core.


  Resonance, in terms of the power harnessable by human Resonators, is nigh infinite. Sourced from the very planet humans live on, there is no end to the stream of power accessible. However, that doesn't mean Resonators can wander the planet turning mountains inside out in the blink of an eye.  
Abstract Power
  Measured by the abstract value of a rank, all Resonators have a quantifiable amount of Resonance they can use at a time. It is often described to be like a string of a certain length. It can be split in as many pieces but until you stop using one, that one's out of comission. However, with a few exceptions in the Ti Core, it doesn't take more power to sustain the use of Resonance.  
"When I was first learning, it was helpful to think of Resonance like a length of re-joinable string. You have so much and can use it as you please. But, until you stop using it in one way, you can't use the same piece of string again."
— Teacher
Sopactum Core Tattoos
  The secondary limit of what a Resonator can do with Resonance comes down to their Sopactum Core Tattoo. Based on the Core and Harmonics dipicted, what the Resonator can accomplish is vastly limited. There are two expections to this, however.  
Vibril   Vibril, the name for untrained Resonators whom haven't selected their Sopactum Core Tattoo, are the first exception. Without the practice to use Sopactum Core Tattoos, Vibril are unique in that they can channel all forms of Resonance, albiet drastically weaker than those with Sopactum Core Tattoos.
Resonex   Resonex are presently outlawed across Aesontis, but the records of history show just why. Resonex are those who have enough abstact power to bear multiple Sopactum Core Tattoos; they have the power to control which Core and how much Resonance to use. Resonex have been known to wipe out armies of Resonators.


The Following Is Simply Speculation as Little is Known About the World AnteResonance
It's been a slow few weeks as we near Year's End. Despite continuing to dig into artifacts that were said to have come from before Resonance, there is no evidence that can conclusively prove anything about why it came when it did nor where it came from. Little more can be determined in general as I have exausted every resource I can. I fear my studies may be coming to an end, a fruitful end, but an end.
All I can conclude is that Resonance is the very power of Aesontis, and so it shall be.
-- Dr. Alra Kien, AnteResonance Studies, Observations Year 20
Who Is Dr. Alra Kien
  Dr. Alra Kien is one of the most well studied historians from the Scholar Education Era. Earning the title Dr. following her studies, she dedicated much of her life to studying the ways of the World AnteResonance. Her studies came to find that Resonance did indeed have a beginning, now 3714 years past, to name the time before Resonance, and even to prove that, at one point, there was a full world before Resonance essentially restarted time.


  Resonance is a peculiar power, coming from the very core of Aesontis and spreading around the surface of the global to be pulled on by Resonators. While little needs to be said of how little is known of what is producing the power of Resonance, it has become clear just how it works.  

Across the Globe

The Resonating Points each have a large-scale Sopactum design ingrained in the ground, similar to Sopactum Core Tattoos. It's at these points, Resonators can summon greater amounts of Resonance in a Core. They are most often used by Vibril.
Sprouting up from thin, practically invisible, cracks in the crust of the earth, Resonance streams outwards into seven precise locations called Resonating Points. Each of these locations are nexus for the powers of Resonance, generally making it easier to control.   From these points, the Resonance spills outwards along Resonating Strands. The strands cover the cirumference of the globe, depositing Resonance everywhere. Their locations have been roughly predicted by scientists, though they have no known effect on the usefulness of Resonance, unlike Resonating Points.
  From the core of the globe, up to Resonating Points, and along Resonating Strands, Resonance fills the planet's atmosphere from the highest peak to the sea. It's this spread of energy that gives Resonators their power and brings Aesontis to life.


Author's Notes

This is my first article in this world. Because of that, as time passes some of the design elements and aspects may be altered. If that's the case, this article may gradually become slightly outdated. However, at the moment, all of the content is to par with the rest of the world.   Since the world is still new, I don't yet have a full developed writing style or design for each article. If anyone wants to suggest anything, always feel free to leave a comment.  

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