3714 PR

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Resonating Strands spin through the ground, the power of Resonance lifting through the air. By the Seven Cores of Resonance, Resonators rise from the ground to weave Resonance across Aesontis.  
It's been several month since any big breakthrough on translating the texts from before Resonance. At this time, we're moving on to studying artifacts to put together a timeline of what happened before the arrival of Resonance. They're far too complex to unravel at the current time. However, the extrapolation of what has been recovered has revealed the cycle of Resonance, Resonex, and the nations that have risen and fallen over the course of the past 3710 years.
-- Historian Drel Oxim, Personal Journal (3708 - 3711)
  Aesontis is a world of old, filled with a complex history, diverse nations and cultures, and powerful magic. The continents are filled with prospering species, dozens of landscapes, and the power of Resonance.  

Welcome to Aesontis, the world of Resonance.