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Triss Taloram

Triss Amora Mae Taloram

Physical Description

Specialized Equipment

Triss specializes in polearm weapons and using ropes and hooks

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Triss was raised by both her parents (Remy and Serena) in the mountainside farming village of Sulkrin. Living at the foot of the mountains, she and her father would often travel into the mountains to hike, or to hunt. From a very young age, Triss has always loved the mountains and swore that one day she would live there permanently. In her teens, she would hike all by herself and she taught herself how to climb and maneuver through dangerous areas. Within her community, there is ritual known as Jabbat, which served a rite of passage or coming-of-age for boys. No such rite of passage exists for women and it's generally frowned upon for women to be mountain hunters/trackers etc. For Triss thoug´╗┐h, her passion was the mountains and she desired to be respected among her brothers and countrymen. Her father had a special bond with her and treated her as one of his sons, taking her out to hike with him and teaching her that way of the mountains. However, before she turned the age of 18, she was refused the right to take part in the 3-month tradition. Even her father refused her, but in his heart he very much wanted her to do it because she was more naturally talented at it than all her brothers. So after dark, on the evening 3 months before her 18th birthday, she packed up and fled to the mountains to do Jabbat. Her mother was very disappointed in her, almost to the point of wanting to disown her, but her father was very proud of her. She completed the 3 months and returned home, only to welcomed with a celebration from the town! Her father had persuaded her mother and the rest of the town that what she did was not only brave but deserving to be celebrated. After this, she began to develop a sense of great self-worth and confidence and began to take on bigger challenges. She became quite daring and fearless when it came to heights and dangerous climbs that she became somewhat of a spectacle and legend among the nearby cities and villages. She would plan to climb a once thought to be unclimbable rock face, and people would come from throughout the land just to watch her. This caught the attention of the High King of Zarefell himself, and after successfully completing some of the hardest climbs, he summoned her to Inora Tower and asked if she would work for him. She would deliver messages and be his personal messenger to his armies in the mountains since she was the fastest and most trusted. She gladly accepted. Since then she has been going back and forth through the mountains for the High King. One day while she was in Inora, the High King summoned her and tasked her with a task of absolute importance and discretion, to guide the heir to the Arvalis through the mountains safely to the south. She accepted and soon became great friends with Cara, Arc, and company.


Triss is employed in the service of the High King of Zarafell as a mountain guide and courier through the mountains.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Throughout Triss's teens and into her young adult years, she became known as somewhat of a daredevil for climbing once though impossible climbs. So far she has successfully climbed 4 major peaks in Zarafell and 5 sheer rock faces without the use of equipment. It was because of these remarkable feats that she caught the attention of the High King of Zarafell and eventually came to be in his service.

Personality Characteristics


Triss dreams of becoming the world's greatest climber, to become a legend. She also has an innate desire to help the brokenhearted and to heal people emotionally.


Family Ties

Remy - Father Serena - Mother Shin - Brother (oldest) Kai - Brother Toma - Brother Tata - Brother Sim- Brother Tram - Brother Astrid - Sister (youngest)

Religious Views

Agnostic (leans most toward Arvalean)

Social Aptitude

Triss is a very friendly, bubbly (sometimes overly so), and energetic person that can get along with (or annoy) just about everyone she meets. She is hardworking and takes great pride in her abilities as a mountain guide and hunter. She will become very defensive and aggressive if someone were to challenge her pride. Triss is very teasing as well.

Chaotic Good
Current Location
Year of Birth
2589 (23 years old)
The Peaceful Mountain Sheep Village of Ozryn
Current Residence
The Royal Fortified City of Inora
Biological Sex
Large dark blue eyes
Medium length, dark brown hair
5' 8"
138 Lbs
Known Languages
Norrish, all dialects of Zaran (including Razden, low Dorish and high Dorish, Ker, and Noran), conversational Artesian, very basic Sundi

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