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2612 YA

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Welcome to the world of Aerda. A sprawling earth-like planet with many continents, kingdom, peoples, and history.   Aerda, for centuries, was plagued by war, terror, and evil people who would try to lay claim of the world for themselves. But then came a people known as the Aldar, chosen by The One who thrived exponentially on their own continent, Alda. Their wealth and influence eventually spread across Aerda, and they built great monuments and cities. One member of the Aldar, Falvor, was appointed as King in a distant country and he grew thirsty for power. He began to conquer and raise unstoppable armies. Within years, most of Aerda was under his regime. He then made a move to conquer Alda, and amassed his armies on the shores of Alda. This is when a divine messenger came and gave the king of the Aldar a gift. The Arvalis. This holy relic was imbued with infinite power and with it, the king destroyed Falvor and his armies. The one who wielded the Arvalis became known as a Keeper. Only he could wield it and would eventually pass it on at the end of his life to somebody chosen by a prophet to continue using the Arvalis.   As long as a Keeper is in place, the world is at peace. Arvalisian Law states that if any king rise against any other nation, they may be subject to be completely destroyed. However, the current Keeper is getting very old and the heir, next in line to take the Arvalis, is missing. If they don't appear soon, the world may once again be thrown into the chaos of war.   *I do not take credit for any of the images I use!*

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The Light of the Arvalis

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