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Frewen City

Frewen City is the capital city of the Kingdom of Frewen   Frewen City is the home to many of the main characters, including Arc, Finn, Frith, and Cara. Frewen City plays a large part in the story’s narrative. During the beginning of the story, it is established as the capitol of the kingdom of Frewen, and that it is a thriving metropolis. In the opening sequences, the party is imprisoned and then forced to flee the city as wanted fugitives. Cara is princess over the kingdom and in Act 3 must prove to be the rightful Queen over it. One of the main antagonists of the story, King Frewen, is from here as well. During this same period in the story, Arc proves to his mentor that he’s worthy of becoming a member of the Elite Frewen Guard, and in the process recognizes his mentor as his “real” father.


Frewen City is the royal city where King Frewen is seated as King.


Frewen City is a fortified city, with large stone walls surrounding it. All around the city is stationed regiments of the Frewen military. Also stationed throughout the city is the Frewen Guard, an elite group of soldiers that are above the military in command.


Frewen prides itself on its level of education. There are great many good schools in the city as well colleges and trade schools. A popular trade in Frewen City is blacksmithing due to the amount of iron that is mined just outside the city. Frewen City is also known for it's large international market, boasting goods and cuisine from all around the world.


Frewen City has large sprawling markets, a sophisticated and intricate sewer system, beautifully paved roads, and a large stone wall that surrounds the city.


a. Frewen City is a very large fantasy city. It is the capitol of the Kingdom of Frewen, and capitol city in the province of North Arlen. The architecture would be best described as French gothic from the 12th century period. Lots of turrets, spires, stained glass. Frewen City is indeed a very beautiful city. The city is surrounded by farmland and rolling hills. To the north of the city is forestland that stretches up towards the northern part of the continent. Upon entering the city, you walk through a large gate, part of the stone wall that surrounds most of the city. Most of the streets are, of course, dirt, save for the main streets that are paved with bricks.


The land surrrounding Frewen City is spacious and fertile. To the north is the southern edge of the King's Forest, part of the northern woodlands that stretch up to the far north. Towards the west and south is miles and miles of rich farmland and prairies, also known as the Bell Plains or the Arlen Prairies. To the east is the Bikan River that runs north and south and past that is the province of Ardah' Vaal that starts with the Ludah' Hills, a lush green region with rolling hills and rich pasture.

Natural Resources

Many kinds of wood from the Northern Forest, iron from the nearby mines to the north, fish from the Bikan River, a large array of grains and vegetables from the surrounding farmlands, and goat and sheep as well from the surrounding farmlands.
Alternative Name(s)
The King's City, New Arlen
Large city
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