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Rael Galatea

Prince Gabriel Emeras Galatea Falvor (a.k.a. Rael)

Physical Description

Specialized Equipment

Rael has mastered many different styles of combat, as well as weapons. His preferred weapon however is an Artesian Tower-sword. Tower-swords are similar to greatswords in that they are very long and can also be wide in the blade. However, unlike a greatsword, a tower-sword is made with a lighter metal (dendranite or pyrithium) and therefore is not weighed down and can be swung much faster.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Rael was born intro royalty, into the ruling family of the Artesian Empire. As a young boy, he was trained vigorously in various types of combat, including martial arts, hand to hand combat, and weapons training. His teachers were very hard on him and never held back in an attempt to make him strong and to someday rule Artesia. By the time Rael was a teenager, he was unmatched in combat, even to full grown adults and trained soldiers in the military. However, despite his prowess and power over people, he did not use anger or hate as his motivation, instead, Rael was very polite, sophisticated, and calm in all he did. Using his intelligence make his way up the social ladder, and in authority, nobody dared to argue or debate with him because in almost all cases, Rael was smarter and quicker than they were.   One day while Rael was in his mother's palace, he came across a very old sword, stored away in a vault. He took notice of it because of a name inscribed into the hilt: Great Emperor Falvor. He surmised that the sword must have belonged to him and wondered why his family had it in their possession. He then demanded a geneology of his family be given to him and the Artesian historians spent 3 years researching and gathering information until one day they were finished. They presented it to Rael on his 21st birthday as a gift. Much to his surprise, it turned out that he was a descendant of Emperor Falvor himself. He knew from his history studies that Falvor was a great emperor that ruled nearly the entire planet and then was killed and his empire destroyed by the Arvalis at the hands of Keeper Paladine. After this, Rael declared that Falvor's empire was unfairly stolen from him, and that his empire was Rael's birthright, that the world rightly belonged to him.   Rael then started to work on his master plan of how to achieve this, knowing that in order to regain the empire of Falvor, he would have to take down Grand Keeper Ghallus, the most powerful being on the face of the planet. It took many years to formulate a plan and he set out to accomplish his goals.


Rael was extensively educated as a distinguished Artesian prince. He finished all his schooling early and with the highest honors in history, math, geography, language, music, art, politics, poetry, diplomacy, and science.


Although Rael is by birth a prince, he has decided to keep his royal heritage a secret while he works as a diplomat between Frewen, Artesia and Dalzenia. He also is employed by the King of Frewen as a bounty hunter, with anything or anyone at his disposal. He is also the Master of the Order of Falvor.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Rael has brokered an arms deal between Frewen and Artesia, he is a successful diplomat to Dalzenia as well. He established the Order of Falvor, a secret order in service to Rael, in order to help him accomplish his goals of a world empire.

Intellectual Characteristics

Rael is an intellectual of intellectuals. Cunning, astute, resourceful, and masterful, Rael has outsmarted and outwitted some of the most crafty people and politicians.

Morality & Philosophy

An Iago of Iagoes, sinister and always 'ten steps ahead' of everyone else. Rael is not concerned with loyalty, because the people that he claims to be loyal to (example: the King of Frewen, his mother the Queen of Artesia) is merely a ploy to gain their trust in order to further his own agenda. Nothing is more important than achieving his goal.   Highly intelligent, but not altogether cold, and has affection for his family: though perhaps to the exclusion of much else.

Personality Characteristics


Rael firmly believes that his birthright is to inherit the empire of Falvor, which was stolen from him when Keeper Paladine killed him and his army with the Arvalis.


Family Ties

Mother - Queen of Frewen Ancestor - Emperor Falvor

Religious Views


Social Aptitude

Very well spoken, educated, well traveled.

Wealth & Financial state

Being the Prince of Artesia, Rael is enormously wealthy, able to use any tool or person at his disposal.

Neutral Evil
Current Location
Frewen City
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Prince of Artesia, Master of the Order of Falvor, Bounty Hunter
Year of Birth
2576 (36 years old)
Circumstances of Birth
Rael was born as a prince to the Artesian Empire, he is a descendant of Emperor Falvor who once nearly ruled the entire world.
Capital City of Artesia
Current Residence
Frewen City Castle
Biological Sex
Drak blue,
Long, slightly wavy, dark brown
6' 5"
192 Lbs
Known Languages
Artesian, Norrish, Dalzen, all dialects of Zaren, Suundi, Saalish, all dialects of Soliman, some words in Marlonian, most Selenican languages (but not all, of course).

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