Kingdom of Skalden

Located on the very border of the Northern Wastes, the Kingdom of Skalden fosters hardy, dedicated soldiers, if little else. While the coffers were once filled by payments from the Taldor Empire in return for keeping the border enforced, the collapse of Taldor has severely hamstrung Skalden.
Still, they hold on. Standing ever vigilant.


The King of Skalden rests on uneasy ground. The position is an elective one, where every Bannerman has a vote.
Bannermen are all adults who have served ten years in the military. It is assumed that any Bannerman represents those soldiers whom he leads and the inhabitants of the land he owns. Only very rarely does someone serve for that long without gaining command and being rewarded with land, if simply for the reason that the King wants to please his Bannermen.
In civilian life, Skalden no nobles aside from the Bannermen, but it does differentiate between farmers owning their own land, free farmers, and those who till land owned by another, serfs. While serfs aren't outright slaves, they have exceedingly few rights and aren't seen as worth anything much, prompting many to take up arms to become a soldier.


Skalden claims to be the birthplace of Justain himself and is very proud of that fact. Ever does the soldiers of the nation strive to live up to his example. During the reign of the second and third Houses of Taldor, Skalden was thought a lost cause several times; Lying right by the border of the Northern Wastes, but beyond the Shield Mountains, few imagined it could survive.
Yet, despite enemies crossing the border time and time again, the Skalden people survived. Even when Theodore the False called the barbarians to his side and made them ride south, the Skalden managed to maintain their civilization, though pushed into the eastern mountains, unable to stem the tide.
This remains the greatest source of shame for the Skalden people; They failed to hold back Theodore the False and, in turn, the lands below them - softer, gentler, less strong lands - suffered greatly.
In the aftermath of the return of Theodore, Skalden was given an influx of riches. Emperor Manfred the First had a grand vision of turning the Clipeum Provinces into a proper shield, to secure that none could cross the border to Taldor again. As such, Skalden warriors were given the best armor, the finest weapons and all the nutrition they could enjoy. And for a long while, it was good for them.
When the mountain of fire fell on Justan and the Taldor Empire fell, Skalden was suddenly severely underfunded. While the king had vast coffers to feed his soldiers with, they are shrinking swiftly as he maintains his guard but receives little tax in return from the meager farms of the land.

Demography and Population

Humans 80% Dwarf 5% Gnome 5% Others 10%


The Skalden military is used to having the best equipment and the best training, so they have very readily accepted the advent of alchemical weapons. Especially fire-based weaponry has become a favorite, with alchemical fire being rained on their enemies inspiring many a soldier's song.
The Skalden soldiers are grim, determined people, with little in the way of mercy given to their enemies. They are well aware of the fate that awaits them should they offer it.

Technological Level

Skaldens have gladly picked up alchemical weapons and poultices, though their generally lacking education has forced them to import rather than make them at home. This gives a somewhat stark contrast between the highly technologically advanced soldiers and the poor old fashioned peasantry.


Skaldens give praise to all the gods almost equally, although a slight favor towards The Morrigan may be seen. It is said that each elected king is visited by her incarnation in the form of Macha, to see whether he is worthy of their blessings.

Agriculture & Industry

The Skalden ground is hard to till and the farmers have little success growing anything except the hardiest of crops and only in small amounts. The only successful agriculture of the land is the reindeer herders, tending huge flocks of reindeer who travel across the land, eating whatever meager grasses they can.
At the shores of the Sanguine River, the libido-heightening Skalden Beets are grown, considered something of a delicatessen.


Outside of the military, Skalden contains very little formal education. The population, in general, can't read or write, given literacy only if their parents or grandparents teach them what they know.


The maintenance and expansion of Skalden roads is given priority by how important they are to the military, leading to a great deal of poorly maintained roads in the south.
The exception to this is the pass to Fenholdt, which the King has made a priority, as it is their main trade route.

"We are the Shield."

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Head of State
Linda Dietrich
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Power Structure
Feudal state
Major Exports
Major Imports
Weapons and armor
Vegetables and fruits
Official State Religion
The Pantheon
Controlled Territories


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