The Pantheon

The most widespread religion amongst the people, worshippers of The Pantheon gives tribute to thirteen personal gods. Each god represents different aspects of life and prayers are offered to gods as it is relevant in each worshipper’s life; Before a long travel, a Pantheonist may make a small sacrifice to Diana, if captured in a storm, offer a prayer to Baal and so on. The Pantheon does not have any single central clerical organization, but many cities have organized churches responsible for performing rituals, leading worship and theology. In some regions, some of the Pantheon gods are given more prominence than the others, but all followers of the faith know that angering any god is an unwise decision.
Even those who do not worship The Pantheon finds their existence hard to deny; Their avatars have at times walked the material planes and the miracles performed by the Pantheon’s priests are plain for all to see. Those who do not follow the faith, however, usually do so with the claim that members of the Pantheon aren’t gods, but just powerful outsiders.
At the beginning of time, the Pantheon waged what followers call The First War, in which the gods fought and defeated their father Titans. This victory is what allowed mortal life to develop at all, making the Pantheon the protectors of all creation. The titans were locked up in Tartarus forever. Only their shared mother, Gaia, was let free.
    The gods are;   Baal , God of Lightning, Storms and Fertility
Vulcan , God of Fire, Volcanoes, and Industry
Bacchus , God of Love, Revelry, and Happiness
Ryujin , God of the Oceans, Ships, and Exploration
Elohim , God of Order, Justice, and Crusades
Iris , Goddess of Information, Messages, and Light
Diana, Goddess of Hunting, Tracking, and Travels
Frey, God of Farming, Animal Husbandry and Marriage
Anansi, God of Trickery, Knowledge, and Stories
Kali, Goddess of Destruction, Sex, and Drugs
The Morrigan , Goddesses-In-Three of War, Fate, and Doom
Inari Okami , Goddess of Luck, Wealth and Deals
Marduk , God of Civilization, Heroism, Judgement, and Magic
Amaterasu, Goddess of Heavens, Stars and Royalty
Bastet Sekhmet, Goddess of Confidence, Freedom, Indulgence and Luck
Nyx, Goddess of Creation, Darkness, Dreams and Nightmares

  Though the children of the Titans are the foremost gods, their offspring are powerful creatures as well, sometimes attracting worshippers or at least admirers of their own. The children of the gods are called Demi-Gods.


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