Kingdom of Bryte

Fishermen and sailors, as comfortable in the snow as they are on the sea, the Kingdom of Bryte may seem primitive to outsiders, but their hearts are as warm as their country is cold.


Ruled by a king, Bryte is in principle inherited, but the rule of any king of Bryte is dependent on the support of the Earls across the land, something which can be fleeting.
Earls rule their villages and lands with little interference from the King, except in times of war. In these times, the king may "Call His Banners". Earls are expected to unite their banners with the King to defend the land in these times.


The Kingdom of Bryte is largely dependent on oral tradition and as such, much of their history is lost or intermingled with legend and myth to such a degree that uncovering it is a hopeless endeavor.
During the Taldor Empire, the Taldor gave local nobles given reign of the lands, inducting them formally into the Taldor nobility. This was an effort to quell the perpetual dissatisfaction and unruliness of the local earls. It worked.
When Theodore The False marched his armies south, ships from Bryte harassed those Northmen who tried crossing the Inland Sea, the Earls fighting and dying for the Empire.
To this day, they consider themselves the guardians of the Inland Sea, despite their ships never taking even as far as the middle of it.
When the Taldor Empire fell, Bryte collapsed into civil war and it would take a full generation before the Earls came to an agreement and it was not without bloodshed and lives taken.
In the end, however, the banners were pledged to one King and united under the House Bryte.
Though the Brytes has lost control two times since then, they have managed to fight their way back on top each time.

Demography and Population

Humans 75% Gnomes 10% Dwarves 5% Others 10%


Bryte is mostly protected by the barbarians from the north by the icy mountains to the north, but are nevertheless at risk from raiding ships.
As such, Bryte has a well-trained fleet, with fast, maneuverable ships and well-trained marines and light siege weapons aboard.
Individual Earls trains their own soldiers to protect their lands and, when the Banners are called, they supply them to the King.

Technological Level

Alchemical weaponry is slowly starting to make its way to Bryte, where the more wealthy Earls are eager to invest in new weaponry. The King has even invited a senior professor from the Grand Academy in Oroium to serve as his Court Alchemist in an attempt to expand the knowledge of these new sciences.
Still, to most people, the luxuries and amenities of Alchemy remains far from most common citizens.


While all the gods of the Pantheon are offered prayers in Bryte, none is as venerated as Ryujin. His mastery of the sea and the bow is an inspiration to all fishermen and marines of the land and his spirit of heroism has inspired many youths to try their hands at the adventuring life.
Other well-regarded gods include The Morrigan, Anansi and Bacchus.

Agriculture & Industry

The Inland Sea provides Bryte with a plentitude of fish, while goats and sheep grass across the lands.
What industry the country has is largely centered around the construction of ships, an industry greatly dependant on their neighboring Forest Realms of Enlans.
A peculiar minor industry of ice-ming has sprung up in recent years, as southern nobles have taken to demanding pieces of ice be served in their drinks. While the Brytons doesn't understand it, they are all too happy to ship ice, a literally endless resource in their lands, to the south.
The kingdom has become a bit of a center for trade, however, as their ports are significantly cheaper to dock at than those of the more active ports at Celadorn Principality.


The roads and passages of Bryte are ill-maintained, with only the most important trade routes protected by the Earls' men. Banditry and roaming creatures make the smaller roads a dangerous prospect to travel by, although for many small cities, there is little choice if they want to take their wares to larger markets.

"Winter Takes, Winter Protects. Winter Endures."

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Kvaeder Bryte
Head of State
Kvaeder Bryte
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Major Exports
Major Imports
Legislative Body
Each individual Earl makes the laws for his lands - Or, indeed, chose to rule by fiat.
The King, however, has the power to make a Royal Decree, surpassing the laws or decisions of any Earl. Though he rarely makes such Royal Decrees, the worship of demons and devils, vandalizing of the dead and treason against the crown are all forbidden.
Official State Religion
The Pantheon
Controlled Territories


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