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The House is an ancient, hidden fortress that serves as the base of operations of the Knights of Caipharos. Originally built in the lands of the former nation of Aldis Tre, the House somehow survived the cataclysm that was The Great Fall.   Since that time, and despite the best efforts of the Inquisitors, no one who is not a member of the Knights has been able to locate the fortress. There are some that say that the god Caipharos used the last of his power at the time of his death (see War of the Stars) to obscure and hide the fortress in some hidden place on Ma'urwol. Others believe that some shard of the old god survived and that its strength is what keeps the House hidden and the Knights in power.   Whatever the reason, the House endures and the Knights of Caipharos continue to survive.

Owning Organization
Knights of Caipharos
Characters in Location

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