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The order of the Inquisitors serves the Three upon face of the entire planet. Their sole purpose is to root out dissension and false teachings. They are lead by a ruling council of nine clerics, three from each of the Three gods. Each order votes on who will serve as their representatives on the council but they must be clerics of at least moderate power (10th level or higher).   Each faction decides how long a cleric may serve on the council, but it cannot be more than 15 years in total. The clerics of Kethos serve for 10 years each. The clerics of Chintar serve for as long as they wish, though few seem to be able to tolerate being on the council longer than 2 or 3 years. And the clerics of Myklizant typically serve for the full 15 years allowed.   From amongst the council members, the Three gods select one to be the High Inquisitor. The High Inquisitor serves as the leader of the council and has the final authority on decisions made by the council. They serve for a period of 3 years before another is selected. The next candidate to be chosen High Inquisitor has always been taken from one of the other two groups. And one who has served as High Inquisitor cannot be selected again and is even prohibited from even remaining on the council.

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