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The elves arrived in Aeleon in six groups, each from a different world. These six groups established themselves as clans on the continent of Herbreous.   Over time, a seventh group arose. Calling themselves the StarSingers, these elves rejected the old, arrogant ways of their people and made of themselves explorers and traders. Eventually, their explorations of the world led to the discovery of the continent of Ma'urwol. There, they made for themselves a new kingdom called Silverstar.   Separated from the others, they eventually fell prey to pride and became as arrogant as those they had left behind. The StarSingers became the stereotypical “high” elves. In addition, they had largely abandoned their bond with nature and were more interested in cities and material things.   Once more, seeing the arrogance of their society, a new group arose on Ma'urwol. The second group took up the name WoodSingers. They held to their bond with nature, gathering together only in small villages and clans, spending most of their time with forest and animal.   As often happens with such divisions between elves, there rose strife and enmity between the two groups. This strife eventually culminated in a series of wars where the WoodSingers united with the humans and dwarves against the StarSingers. By the end of the last Great War, the StarSingers had all but ceased to exist. Those that did survive were made slaves and eventually absorbed into the other societies.   In the millennia since then, the WoodSingers have found a balance between nature and “civilized” society and most of them feel as comfortable wandering the streets of the great cities as they do wandering the forest lands of the wilds, becoming a sort of hybrid between what the two divisions of elves used to be.   The elves of Aeleon differ from all other elves in that they have a shorter lifespan. A disease affects older elves and generally strikes some time between their 180th and 200th year of life. The disease slowly attacks the elf’s mind and body, eventually leading to death. Few live to reach 210 and none are known to have lived beyond 215 years of life. There are whispers among some that this was not always the case, but the histories say otherwise.


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