The Jahat of Adijari


Where as other Rhakshasas tribes have an identity based on the Dushkrivya they take to become rhakshasas, the Jahat tribe accepts anyone who pledges allegiance to them. It has resulted in it being the largest tribe by accepting misfits who did not perform the dushkrivya of other tribes successfully. Individuals of the Jahat tribe do not have the power and focus as those in the other tribes and as a collective they have nothing that unites them. There is a great variety of differences among the Jahat in. They are all different colors, have different physical appearances, and have different powers that do not compare to those in the other tribes. The only traits they do share is a diverse range of lack of mental ability, pain, and a fallacy of the rhakshasa powers they wished to have, all of which relate to them not performing the dushkrivya correctly. A couple examples of jahat rhakshasas are pidmaya hopefuls whose images are a single color shade, or hopeful gorsath with spindly arms. It is a chaotic tribe to make sense of that lacks order and structure. Aside from it's immense size, they are not taken seriously by anyone, especially the other rhakshasa tribes that look down on them. That said, the Jahat is extremely loyal to one another. When one of them is hurt, it is an offense against the entire tribe. They are mostly left alone, or if hurt, done so in a surreptitious manner. No one wants the largest and most volatile rhakshasa tribe angry with them, not even other rhakshasas.


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