Gorsath of Adijari


The Gorsath epitomizes what it is to be a rhakshasas. Leathery yellow skin. Blood shot eyes. a horn growing out of their forehead. They each have four arms and can be up to nine feet tall.   The Gorsath are one of the most ruthless rhakshasas with a dushkrivya and culture that revolves around violence and warfare. Regardless of intelligence and guile, it is the strongest and most battle hardened who have the most respect and highest rank. Gorsath's horn size varies tremendously. Typically lower ranked gorsath's have short stout horns. Others have longer horns that are straight, bent to one side, or curved. They use their horns offensively during combat with techniques suited to their horn structure. This in addition to four strong arms that can carry weapons make them fearsome hand to hand combatants. The gorsath take pride in their bloodthirstiness. When victorious in battle they dismember their opponents. The Gorsath reside in an encampment in the eastern deserts of the Ismat Empire. The flat lands along with their network of spies in the dev towns, mostly those who wish to become gorsath rhakshasas themselves, allow the Gorath to be ready for any armies that come their way. Mostly, because of their savagery, their enemies keep their battalions closer to them, preferring to defend their territory from the Gorsath in areas where they have built up their defenses against them.


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