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Created by Alphonse Cypher
" Its like a parasite writhing within your brain, feeling as if its consuming your mind and soul slowly and in a way that you feel it to the fullest. And thats just the beginning. The regular horrifying screeches and sinister whispers in your mind that occur all day

Transmission & Vectors

The transmitter of vampirism is the Nox sanctus parasite that can be found in colonies in dark places mostly on most federation and alliance controlled planets. These parasites enter the body through open orifices and begin to reproduce and spread to different parts of the body. Each group of parasites is given a specific role on where to go and what to infect. Infection can also occur from touching parasite contaminated things like food, water, air, objects etc.


During the first stage the main and original parasite spreads to the central nervous system of the host and begins to reproduce. It also begins to transmit holy visions to the host warning them of the threat of the breaker and also giving a description of their gifts. The parasite also protects the host from falling into corruption at this stage. This parasite is mostly active on dark and cold nights which explains why they mostly live in colonies in dark and cold places. In conditions of intense heat and sunlight they form a protective shell around themselves and store nutrients within the shell. When the danger has passed they break out of their shells and continue to expand through the hosts body. During this time other nearby Nox sanctus parasites can also detect hosts undegoing transformation and they try to help their brethren in their mission.


During the first stage the symptoms are mostly mental. These consist of holy visions that tells the host about a wide variety of things like the breakers corruption and how to defend against those. They will also begin to feel an irresistible urge to go out and help those in need and do other acts of chivalry and sympathy. The parasite will begin to alter the genetic makeup of the host to be far more durable including the growth of extremely sharp canines, excellent night vision, heightened senses of hearing and smell and also an increase in strength. At this stage the host can be passed off as a normal human. During the second stage the parasite begins to turn the host into a full grown vampire. The canines reach their peak sharpness and their senses become astronomically heightened. The parasites begin to alter the genetic makeup of the host and induce a number of changes like anaerobic cellular respiration, ability to survive in vacuums and depressurized environments for a long period of time, increasing the strength of the host and also strengthening of the bones. Two of the most important features of a vampire are developed in this stage. The first is the development of angel like wings and the growth of claws from the knuckles. These claws are actually bones shaped by the parasites and on top of them is deposited a thin layer of an ultra strong liquid metallic substance that can cut through almost any element known to man. Vampires can use their claws to climb walls and scale surfaces that are inaccessible to the normal humans. The third and final stage of the vampire sees them becoming full blooded vampires with complete development of their wings and claws as well as other vampiric features


The parasite itself is weak to sunlight and high temperatures so these are the preferred methods of the demonic anti vampire squadrons against the vampires. For these reasons the vampires wear thermal resistant armor and wear thick pressurized combat helmets when they go to battle. When in high temperature and sunny conditions the parasites die out and kill the vampire in the process.

Affected Groups

All humans can become vampires

Cultural Reception

Vampires are generally viewed as mortals who have earned Gods trust to the degree that God has gifted them with this wondrous gift. However amongst the vampires themselves it is more of a curse that they long to be rid of due to them having to feed on clean, uncorrupted and pure blood to survive. Some vampires however willingly take upon their mantle and choose to protect the innocent with their powers.
Sanguinus is the High titan of blood and war and the third strongest of the four high titans. He is the third strongest of the high titans and is the titan representing Mankind. His current champion is Augustus Geronus Ludwig, leader of the federation and a veteran of many of the wars of old Earth including the world wars and the calamity. Sanguinus represents blood and sacrifice in the name of God and strives to always sacrifice in the name of God
Chronic, Acquired & Congenital

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18 Dec, 2018 18:56

Interesting take on the vampire.

20 Dec, 2018 09:51

" If vampires do not consume pure, uncorrupted and clean blood and souls they will transform" there's a bit of run-on with "and" here. See if you can rephrase this sentence.   " God however forgave them and..." why would god need to forgive them when they were cursed by another being? This might need more explanation.   "dark places mostly on most federation and alliance controlled planets" double use of most. Rephrase.   "Each group of parasites is given a specific role on where to go and what to infect" what are the implications of this? Are there different kinds of vampires depending on what parasite gets to them first?   You mention the "breaker" a lot and for someone not familiar with your setting it's hard to understand the implication. Is it a person? An event? It's not capitalized so it's not a name or a title. Perhaps link to the Breaker article and have the tooltip explain shortly what the Breaker is, so that a reader can continue the article without being confounded.       As for the article itself, I like that you've turned things on its head by making vampires into good guys. They seem to have a bit of Mary Sue/Edgelord-syndrome going on (metallic claws, angelic wings, reluctant saviors etc) that you might need to reel in a bit in order for them to not come across as incredibly juvenile.   I would like to see a section covering types of vampires. Like what are "true vampires" like? What are the differences between the lesser and greater vampires? A section on the Strigoi is necessary to explain what their purpose in the world is and what they are like.   You've got a good shell of an article here. Keep up the good work!

Author of prize-winning RPG settings Dark Shadows and Cinders of the Cataclysm. Designer of the narratively focused Celenia D10 RPG System.
20 Dec, 2018 16:28

Having them being cursed to only drink pure uncorrupted blood and souls is a nice twist. I was wondering why Kerr put the curse on them.

18 Jan, 2019 16:11

A very fascinating prospective, I especially like the cultural reception part. It's definitely something that could shape the bases of a character morale or completely change it if he's infected during the plot. I'll read more, good job

18 Jan, 2019 17:21

The usage of a parasite to cause vampirism. I like it. It's a lot different from how vampires are considered to be just demonized monsters. I like the detail placed how the transformation goes, but I would say that you may need to read some parts and redo some text.   I would say you could use lists for the symptoms and maybe also just put the text in paragraphs to separate it. It's a bit of a clunky mess to read with blocks of texts. I would also put the "affect groups" as "affected species", since it's only humans that are affected.   Do vampires gain immortality though? What other vampiric traits do they all get?

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
19 Jan, 2019 07:01

So a few things here. I notice you mention several things regarding things I know nothing about. Their origin with sanguinus. Who b this? Rather, why is he important specifically? Then you have strigoi. I see a strain theme here and I love it. Truely awesome. My main question is how are vampires different by type. How many different kinds are there? Are these the only kinds?

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
19 Jan, 2019 07:05

Bahhh missed the last paragraph. My bad, scratch the who is sanguinus part.

Ariel Webster
21 Jan, 2019 22:24

Vampire articles are always interesting. Having them be caused by parasites is a unique choice you don't see often in media. You seem to have things all figured out here so I'm not sure what question to ask, so instead I'll offer a bit of advice.   I'd recommend going through and breaking up some of these paragraphs. The walls of text make it kinda hard to read through, and looks kinda bad. Another thing I like to do in my articles, is when I have text on the side bar, I wrap it in a quote box so it looks more uniform and like it's supposed to be there.

Elias Redclaw
22 Jan, 2019 01:56

Thank you for the kind comment! I unfortunately cant edit it right now as this article is shortlisted for the condition category, Hopefully I shall edit it afterwards.