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Nox sanctus

Nox sanctus is the name given to the worm like symbiotic sapient microorganism responsible for causing vampirism in humans.This creature is a divine being of sanguinus that is extremely rare due to sangunius only giving vampirism to the highest of his champions.It is revered as a holy creature by humans as well as lycans and aenarri.

Basic Information


Nox sanctus usually resembles a parasitic tertan worm.They are around one thousandth the size of a millimeter in length.

Genetics and Reproduction

The nox sanctus reproduces through a number of means including dividing into two or laying eggs and even through spores.Once they get into the body of a to be vampire they immediately start reproducing and it takes only 15 minutes for the whole body to be filled with nox sanctus parasites The clones however depend upon the main and original host for psychic and physical growth.However owing to the extremely fast nature of this symbiotic organism spreading and its extreme undetectibality,it is almost if not outright impossible barring the very strongest demons to find out a sanguinate being transformed.

Growth Rate & Stages

The nox sanctus grows extremely fast.It starts as a small unicellular organism and then devours psychic material from the main symbiote and also from the host if it is a strong psychic.It usually becomes able to reproduce at the ave of 5 minutes

Ecology and Habitats

Nox sanctus parasites live in large colonies on dark and cold places in the federatiion like caves, glaciers, under polar ice caps, undersea caverns, etc. They are led by the lead parasite who controls the others in a hive mind like fashion. This allows the parasites to work in perfect unison and achieve their goals by hijacking other organisms as carriers of the infection.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The nox eternis feeds upon psychic energy to reproduce.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Nox sanctus trades all physical strenghts for extremelh heighetened sensory capabilites.The nox sanctus can detect even the smallest traces of demonic activity and the dimmest of soul signatures.It is an extremely powerful psychic as well able to use psychic sensory capabilities and evade from demons using its psychic cloaking techniques.It can survive the harshest of conditions from the heat of a wolf rayet star to direct exposure to the void that would render even an aenarri mad.
Scientific Name
Nox sanctus
Conservation Status
Nox sanctus is an extremly rare organism.

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