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Munnin Styrmir | Member Since 25 Aug, 2018
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I love writing. I am slow at it though. I have had this idea for about 3 years and finally started writing it. I don't tend to write in a straight line. It tends to jump from page to page sometimes. I'm planning on having a lot of planets in this story. I love feedback and i love reading others stories. I am very forgetful though. So give me time. I just got out of the Navy. like 2 days ago officially. 02/08/2019 is the day i write this. I usually don't like writing about me, but you are all amazing people. I am finally starting to gain my confidence in sharing my work with you. Worldember helped greatly with that. So i hope you enjoy the ride i will be writing and building.

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American Gods Gotham

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Star Justice (Harem type books) Republic Commandos

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Karen Travis Drew Karpyshyn Micheal Scott Earle

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Ace Combat serires Mass Effect DnD