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Xalyth T'arr

Xalyth T'arr is the female Moon Elf owner of the Crescent Dream Inn located within the Elven District of Sestatrea. Originally hailing from Gaelira within the Border Islands of Aennamar, she acquired the Inn on the 12th of Miaxis in the year 2272 (04/12/2272) after presenting the Business Ownership Administrative Offices of Sestatrea with a letter of recommendation from Graygate's Envoy to Sile Allanar, Ardreth Bryleth. Ardreth just so happens to be Celindriel's father. Her vetting process was expedited and she was given permission to purchase the business.
Xalyth tends to be coy -- never giving too much information about herself while also not prying into other's business either. She is friendly to fellow Moon Elves, especially those down on their luck and seeking a place to stay. She has been known to let a wandering Moon Elf stay within the Inn free of charge, particularly if they are traveling with non-Moon Elf companions. She has slowly transitioned the Inn from a traditionally High Elf center of lodging to one that only caters to Moon Elves specifically. To other races, she tends to be cold and uninterested in their affairs or concerns. She's often overheard muttering under her breath about the inferiority of the other races when having to deal with their idleness.

Abios Campaign Update

In Episode 12: Crescent Nightmare, the players discover that Xalyth T'arr is in fact a Drow agent, along with the many residents staying within the Crescent Dream Inn.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Owner of the Crescent Dream Inn
Year of Birth
1934 338 Years old
Current Residence
Ruby Red Eyes
Up-styled White Hair
5' 3"
102 lbs.

Character Portrait image: Zsazsa by B Dalton
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