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Marger Gren

Written by SirElghinn

Marger Gren is the owner and operator of the only eatery in Hirane known as The Tasty Gull. She is an elderly woman who enjoys cooking for the townsfolk and the occasional traveler. She’s pleasant and not intrusive into other people’s business, though she does have an inquisitive stream that gets the better of her at times. Always attempting to be a generous hostess, she tries to keep conversation by making small talk. Being a fishing town, she tries talking up people in subjects related to sailing and fishing. She is the sole operator of the establishment, and does both the cooking and serving. She’s faithful to the gods, especially Torm, and believes in the power of people to do good. Any problem that comes her way, she believes, with enough prayer, it can be solved. Her one dream is to someday be able to travel to Sestatrea in order to see the Temple of Torm's Coming.
Marger has the following items for sale:
Mutton, Lettuce and Tomato
5 sp
Spinach Mashed Potatoes
3 sp
Roast Beef Served with Cranberry Sauce
7 sp
Oyster and Mushroom Stew
5 sp
Smoked Salmon Salad
5 sp
Apple Stuffed Mushrooms
6 cp
Artichoke Soup
7 cp
Dwarven Spirits
7 cp
Year of Birth
2200 72 Years old
Current Residence
Light brown
Long, White
5' 9"
142 lbs.
Ruled Locations

Character Portrait image: Lambholt Elder by Matthew Stewart
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