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Llenistra Tlin'orzza

Erésseae Llenistra Tlin'orzza (a.k.a. The Dark Sister)

Llenistra Tlin'orzza, also known as The Dark Sister, is the youngest of the Seven Sisters, the Chosen family of Mystra, goddess of magic, and is a drow cleric of Eilistraee.
Llenistra is a 6 foot tall Drow female of wild, dazzling beauty. She has silvery hair that flows down to her hips, and silvery blue eyes, slightly luminous in color like her goddess, that are larger than those of most drow. Her appearance is so awe-inspiring, imperious at times, that those who meet her for the first time believe her to be Eilistraee herself.


Llenistra is always careful of her power and of using it properly. She is the high priestess of the Promenade of the Dark Maiden, a temple to Eilistraee that she founded deep in the mountains near Fallbell in the Tiradryn. The other drow of the temple regard her as the ''Chosen of the Chosen'' (''Chosen of Eilistraee'' is often used as an alias by her followers), as she is a leader and an inspiration to them: they look to her as an exemplar and both respect and love her. Even though Eilistraee's clergy doesn't have a hierarchy, most priestesses (within the Promenade and outside it), recognize Llenistra as a guiding figure.
Llenistra can be firm and commanding when needed, but she usually is a kind and warm person (even if she can also be impish and rather irreverent). The Dark Sister dislikes violence and prefers to avoid combat through the use of diplomacy, although she doesn't hesitate to attack and can be as cold and merciless as any drow, when it comes to protecting herself and her people. Her supporters often speak of intense personal friendships with the high priestess, of her relaxed and understanding nature and of her ability to accept any individual for whom they are (even when she can see their darkest secrets). They trust her word and often don't hesitate to redirect lost adventurers (or individuals who feel lost in their lives) to see Llenistra, because:
"She sees the ways of things in Abios clearly, and can reveal how anyone may forge a life of importance in steering the way of the world into peace and prosperity for all races."
Zeerith Dhalmass, on Llenistra Tlin'orzza
Llenistra is angered by tyrants and slavers, and anything that oppresses intelligent creatures. She is very proactive in contrasting such forces (which often leads her and her drow to battle bands of followers of Vhaeraun and Lolth, slavers and organizations like The Zhentarim or the Cult of the Dragon). She also despises all drow who act with arrogance and cruelty, and all those people whose prejudice leads them to draw their weapon against drow, expecting them to be enemies even before a single word can be spoken. On many occasions, she humbled all those who underestimated her and the drow of the Promenade (trying to to raid it and get rid of the dark elves in it), teaching them a lesson that they would hardly forget.
Llenistra loves to dance and to hear and perform singing. She never dances for Eilistraee when clothed, as the Dark Maiden is celebrated through nude dance. Many people in Fallbell have been surprised, sometimes even enthralled, by the sight of a nude drow lady dancing alone in a far cavern, with only the bio-luminescence of underground mushrooms to illuminate her. Llenistra sometimes purposefully shows herself in this way to lure drow of other faiths or any individual that she wishes to talk to.
The Dark Sister has a talent in playing pranks and mischiefs, and she--covered in illusions--will often visit the city of Fallbell, joining parties of the Fallbellian nobility or learning about the human society. She particularly enjoys taking Serrallel's appearance, and her wild, prankful ways and dalliances with human men have gained her sister quite a reputation among the nobility. The Dark Sister can be totally uninhibited at said parties and celebrations: her duties don't leave her much time to dedicate to herself, so she fully enjoys any chance to unwind, often letting all control escape her, dancing and frolicking with wild abandon.
Differently from most clergy of Eilistraee, the priestesses of the Promenade -- Llenistra included -- doesn't spend much time on the surface, concentrating their activities underground. Nonetheless, Llenistra is concerned by the happenings in Fallbell. She is particularly careful of the intrigues of the Fallbellian nobility and of the criminality that they hire to advance shady goals, mostly related to slavery. Llenistra fights and vehemently opposes slavery-focused organizations in various ways, either directly, or by sabotaging their activities (like the making of potions and poisons used to kidnap folks to then sell them as slaves in Bhaevor, or to be forced to work in Bhaevorian-owned mines in the Territory of Achana). She will often travel to Bylyn and Fallbell, attending significant meetings hidden by her magic, learning useful information for her goals, and she has many agents on the surface world. Her other major concern is to convert (or, if truly forced to, destroy) the increasing numbers of drow who come to the temple complex with hostile intent, as the Promenade is seen as an abomination to be destroyed by most followers of Lolth, Ghaunadaur and even Vhaeraun.

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Sources: Article customized using reference material taken from Qilué Veladorn of Forgotten Realms Wiki.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Chosen of the Chosen
  • High Priestess of the Promenade of the Dark Maiden
Year of Birth
1660 612 Years old
Current Residence
Promenade of the Dark Maiden
Silvery blue
Long, silver
142 lbs
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Common, Undercommon, Elvish, Abyssal

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