Vincent Millay

Note that Vincent Millay does not exist. He is a fictional character made up by Nancy Boyd, who is the real boss. Whenever he needs to make an appearance, he is played by one her lieutenants who is paid handsomely for the role and the risk. (he has had several assassination attempts against him, one was successful)

Saint Vincent Millay (a.k.a. St. Vincent)

Known as "the Saint of the Burbs" or just "Saint Vincent," he is rumored to be the head of the largest crime organization in the Chi Town 'Burbs. His philanthropic endeavors are what garnered him the Saint title, as he has used his power and influence to keep the streets orderly and clean and ensures no one goes hungry.   Despite being famous, only those close to him know his appearance; which is otherwise a closely guarded secret.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Vincent Millay's appearance is unknown, but it is said he always carries a cane and smiles a lot. That's not much to go by, is it?

Mental characteristics

Personal history

After the previous crime boss was assassinated, Vincent Millay took over and picked up where he left off with barely a hiccup. There was almost no chaos associated with his succession and efforts to help the people of the 'Burbs actually increased in scale. It was not long before he became known as a living Saint by the people of the burbs.   This put the Coalition in a tough place since they wanted to crack down on organized crime but couldn't afford to make a martyr of him.   Vincent kept Nancy Boyd, the widow of the previous Boss, close at hand to run The Upstart Lounge and its reading rooms. She maintains an impressive library there and is known in certain circles by her title The Librarian.
Current Location

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