The Upstart Lounge

Known to almost everyone as "the Scribbled Sign," because its sign contains only the name of the place without any pictograms; this reading lounge/bookstore is a haven for the literate and cultured elite in the 'burbs of Chi Town.

Purpose / Function

The Upstart has two faces.   The face it shows the world is an upscale public house with large windows facing the thoroughfare, high seats, and a jovial atmosphere. It is a place where people go to be seen. The other face it hides from the world behind closed doors and large bouncers is a quiet place, a refuge from the unwashed masses of the Chi-Town burbs. Here customers can peruse books, drink liquor and smoke cigars all while relaxing in plush leather chairs.


One of the reading rooms is named Renascence. Upon the panel leading to it is written the following:
A thousand screams the heavens smote;
And every scream tore through my throat.
No hurt I did not feel, no death
That was not mine; mine each last breath

The other reading room is named First Fig. Upon the panel leading to it is written the following:
My candle burns at both ends;
It will not last the night;
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends—
It gives a lovely light!

Note: These panels will only open if the sayings on them are read aloud. This is an enchantment put in place by Edgar Allen.


This establishment caters to the highest class denizens of the 'burbs. Merchants, adventurers and the wealthy elite who have come from afar to gain entry to Chi Town. The prices are steep, but this keeps the riffraff out.   Since literacy is a prerequisite to enter the reading rooms, the customers who make it that far are the elite of the elite.


The books themselves are priceless. Most are unique, at least outside of Chi Town. They are nearly all for sale, but are so expensive most would not be able to afford them.
They sell real tobacco products from Harvey the Roller.   They sell real whiskey in the reading rooms and beer varieties in the public house in front.


Fabricated out of mega-damage materials, this place must have been bankrolled by a big spender.   It is primarily three rooms. The first is the one most know about. It is a high class public house and also serves as a reception area for the other two rooms. It spans the width of the establishment. There is a bar in back of the right side and a few tables for seating on the left. The rest of the front room is standing room only with a bar-height shelf running the length of the tall, many-paned windows. The decor is dark wood and sconced flames for lighting. It is a place to be seen. In the center of the back of the room is access to the kitchen and stairs down to the storerooms and restrooms. In front of that is the hostess station.   At the bottom of the stairway are three doors, one door for the working areas and two for unisex bathrooms. Access to the other two rooms of the establishment are also located there, behind solid wood paneling. These are reading rooms where the Librarian keeps her books. The interior of the reading rooms is refined with wood bookshelves stained a deep mahogany covering every wall. There are no windows or even skylights, so the place is always comfortably lit by the yellow wall sconces and central fireplace they share.   Behind the two reading rooms is the service area where the drinks are mixed. There are also two private meeting rooms, one behind a bookcase in each reading room. One meeting room is just a small table surrounded by a circular couch that can seat five quite snugly. The other private room is set up as a dining/conference table that can seat eight.


The Upstart was originally built by an organized crime boss in the 'burbs with ideations of grandeur. His wife, Nancy Boyd was fond of books, which are, of course, illegal in Chi-Town, and he was able to assemble an impressive collection for her. When he was eventually assassinated, she took over the place and turned it into a reading club and bookstore.   The secret police of Ch-Town was quick to realize that this was a mecca for the literate and elite of the burbs and have been using it as a center of recruitment and intelligence gathering, completely turning a blind eye to the illegal business in books that goes on and instead using it to lure their potential targets. Vincent Millay seems to be aware of this and has some sort of arrangement with them.
Alternative Names
The Scribbled Sign
Public hall / house
Characters in Location


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