Harvey the Roller

Harvey has a small shop in one of the nicer sections of the Chi Town 'burbs.  The shop is bisected by a counter with the door on one side and a window on the other where people can watch Harvey roll cigars.   There is enough room in his shop for a large or two smaller people to stand, purchase some cigars and go.  He has no patience for lingerers.   Every morning he shows up with a bushel of tobacco leaves and spends the day sitting behind his counter rolling them with his stained brown hands. At the end of the day, he goes to the smoke house to select the leaves that will be in tomorrow's bushel. In this way, he ensures he always works with the best raw materials available.

Mental characteristics


He learned at the elbow of the roller before him, who learned at the elbow of the roller before him.   He is now looking for a new apprentice.

Accomplishments & Achievements

His cigars are renowned throughout Chi Town and the surrounding locales.  In fact, people have been known to leave Chi Town just to get  access to his products.  Unfortunately for them, however, he has a deal with a city distributor who is very heavy-handed in its enforcement of its exclusive rights to sell in the city.   This exclusivity is actually why Harvey's shop is still in the 'burbs, has always been, and will probably continue to be.  Harvey views himself as a true artisan and wants to make sure everyone has access to his cigars....  so long as they know how to appreciate them.   He also has a deal with The Upstart Lounge to provide them will all their cigars.


Contacts & Relations

The Smoke House is a long wooden building next to the Hot House, which is an enormous greenhouse for the sole purpose of growing tobacco and soy beans.  In it, the tobacco leaves are air cured.  The building is called the smoke house because it was once used to smoke meats.     Both houses are run by a co-op of farmers who have given no name to themselves, so most just call them the co-op.   Harvey stops by the smokehouse daily to check on the progress of the crop and the leaves that are spending their time curing in the smokehouse.  When they are ready, he gets his own selected hogshead delivered to his shop.   Special Customers:  Besides The Upstart Lounge, harvey has another special customer; known only as Robert Frost.  This customer requests Harvey make special cigars capable of accepting enchantments.  He might also bring some arcane ingredients for harvey to insert.  He pays a premium for the service and claims they are always for his personal use to help him think...
Harvey can roll "special" things into his cigars upon request.   The Crow Man will work with him to place enchantments into the cigars, making whomever smokes them more susceptible to suggestion, sleepy, calmer, more agitated, invigorated, etc. The smoke can even be made to block psionic senses and magical detection.   The cigars can be made as a way to send secret messages printed on the tobbacco leaves or microprinted on "hairs" placed inside.   He will never ever place anything into his cigars that would harm the smoker.   Typically, he will slide the ring upside down on cigars that have been specialized.

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