The Free Lands

The magic-rich territory in what is today the state of Wisconsin. This area is unique in Northern America and possibly in the world in that the ley lines found here jump and skip around, creating unstable and mobile nexus points with equally unpredictable results.   Because of this instability, permanent settlements rarely last more than a few years. It is a well known destination for Shifters conducting research, if they can survive long enough to succeed.


Like other places on the earth that are famed for being charged with strangeness, the Free Lands can be described as a triangle. One corner is the site of The Omen Rift, what was once Green Bay, Wisconsin. The other two points are the ruins of Milwaukee and Madison. All three locations had been utterly destroyed and depopulated by rift events and this area has a reputation for dangerous rifts.

Fauna & Flora

The area is dominated by large growth forests of mixed conifer and hardwoods. Because of the unstable rifts, there are also a number of micro-ecologies, each with its own idiosyncrasies.   Many unique flora and fauna found in these micro-ecosystems can not survive beyond them. But some are highly adaptive and can proliferate or even out-compete native Earth species.

Natural Resources

Abundant forest and field products, including hunting, fishing, forestry and farming to some extent. The unstable rift activity has also introduced some exotic elements an enterprising person could find uses for, or trade.
Alternative Name(s)
The Wild Lands, The Chaos Zone
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