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Corpse Burners

Due to the prevalence of corpse possession, there exists guilds of impartial people whose sole purpose is to dispose of corpses before they can be possessed.
They usually travel with armies and avoid the front lines of a battle except when they go forward to declare a ceasefire to dispose of corpses. This usually only happens when prolonged periods of fighting occur or established no-mans lands are formed. Otherwise they go into action when their host units advance and they can clean up the areas in which fighting occurred.
Small military units often act without any corpse burners and are expected to dispose of their own dead as soon as possible.

It is true that The Federation of Magic does not usually employ corpse burners since they have so many necromancers in their ranks who prefer to use fresh corpses for their own means.


Corpse Burners are a loose organization of individual mercenary groups who all share a common code of conduct. They do have a central council of leaders who are capable of receiving complaints and dispensing justice amongst their own ranks should any members violate their codes of conduct.

Each group of corpse burners claims its own name and crest. The largest of these are the Untouchables, Scarlet Letters, Helsings, Domba and of course, Corpse Burners who are the largest group and the group that works most closely with the The Coalition States.

There is no common means of corpse disposal. The quickest and easiest means of disposal is burning with mega-damage flame such as superheated plasma or by using incendiary grenades. Others use different means. Priests of The Circle of Life, for example, are often found among the ranks of Corpse Burners and they bury corpses among the mycelia of Armillaria. Another example is the Carrioneers. They employ various exotic carrion eating scavengers to dispose of corpses in their own particularly effective way.
In the course of their duties, Corpse Burners may not be able to dispose of all corpses before they become possessed. They are thus trained and equipped to fight undead. Often, one or both of the belligerents will assist with dispatching undead or otherwise possessed corpses.


Corpse Burners groups typically wear bright colors like white or orange and display their colors on a tall banner like a Japanese Nobori.
Most military organizations who can't afford proper guild contracts with Corpse Burners or employ small independent units will typically assign the collateral duty to be the designated corpse burner at the unit level. They use a yellow banner with a red cross they can display when going about their duties. Since such collateral duties are assigned to members of actual military organization their presence near opposing enemy lines is unwelcome and they are subject to assault should they stray too close to enemies who wish to remain hidden. Needless to say, no one wants to be the assigned corpse burner duty and it is usually assigned to the newest or most disliked members. Note that such military members are NOT actual Corpse Burner members who enjoy trusted neutrality from all sides.
The Carrioneers wear a very distinctive mask, and have incorporated it into their company logo:
Guild, Professional
Alternative Names
Some different companies of Corpse Burners are: The Untouchables, The Scarlet Letters, Helsings, Domba, Carrioneers


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