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Random Generators

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Written by SoulLink
WORK IN PROGRESS   Random Generators are a way to procedurally generate content from a set of rules. This is the first version of the tool and will be expanded in a future iteration. These guides, references, and tutorials will be updated and expanded as necessary.
  A feature that can be used to quickly generate names or entire articles as scaffolding for your world. Generators and templates can be shared with the community allowing anyone to use them! In order to create your own generators, some technical knowledge is required.  

Finding & Using Generators

This feature is available to everyone.
  Generators are a very useful feature to quickly name an NPC in your campaign, to find inspiration on how to name a new organization you are working on or even to scaffold entire articles. Most generators are created by the community. These generators can be found in the Random Generators browser. Learn more here.   Once you have found a generator that fits your needs you can roll the dice on its public page. You can bookmark this page or link it somewhere in your world to find it again in the future. Simple templates generate a piece of text that you can use to inspire yourself or directly copy and paste somewhere into your world. The article templates generate entire articles of a specific template. Each time you roll you can create an article from it within your currently active world.   It is possible to embed generators in an article. On the public page of each random generator is a button on the right side to copy the embed BBCode. Drop this code into your world and start generating some names or other content! Note that this only works for simple random generators. Article random generators cannot be embedded.  

Creating Generators

This feature is available to Grandmaster and Sage guild members.
Generators can be created with a combination of generators, templates, and routers. To get started, check out the step-by-step tutorial.   The reference articles for generators, templates and routers describe and explain the features of each component in depth.  

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of questions which have been asked many times before.


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