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Reference Manual

Written by SoulLink
This feature is available to Grandmaster and Sage guild members.
  The templates are the third component of random generators. Its content field accepts any text, BBCode and any resources. When the template is activated it scans its contents and process each resource it finds. The template can repeat this process up to six times as the output of each resource might be another resource as well. This limitation is in place to avoid infinite loops and preserve the system.  

Meta Fields

The meta fields about the template or random generator. They are shared by both the simple and article template.  
  • Title (Mandatory): The title of the article template. This field is used as the display title on the public page in the public list and is used to generate the key of template. Keep it short but descriptive.
  • Description (Optional): A short description that describes the purpose of this template.
  • Type (Mandatory): Determines what article template is created. Cannot be changed after creation.
  • State: Set the article template access state. Private templates can only be viewed by the author.
  • Tags: Tags for the template and the random generator. These are searched by the search functionality.

Publication Fields

These fields are only relevant if you plan on publishing your random generator to the public list or plan on sharing the random generator with others. These are shared by both the simple and article template. They can only be changed when editing the template and not while creating it.  
  • Publication: Published article templates are available in the community list.
  • Cover Image ID: This image is used for featured article templates. Can be the ID of any public image on World Anvil.
  • Presentation Title: This title replaces the title above on the public page and in the public list when set.
  • Content Warning: Any text in this field is added as a content warning both in the public list and on the public page. Use common sense and World Anvils content warnings guidelines to fill this in.
  • Roll Button Title: This replaces the text on the roll button. The default is 'Roll the dice!'.
  • Notes & Instructions: This field is rendered below the roll the dice button. It accepts BBCode and can be used to give context to the random generator. Add potential sources for the data used and copyright notices as necessary.

Simple Templates

The simple template is used for most cases. It offers one content field and a warm-up field. When rolled the output is availble simply as text, but also as BBCode text. Use the BBCode output to copy and paste the output directly into an article with formatting.  
  • Generator Warmup: The content of this section is not added to the output. It can be used to generate certain values in advance. This is useful when a generator requires several steps to be resolved properly.
  • Content: The output field. This will populate the public page display and the BBCode output.

Template Code

Each simple template has a BBCode and a key with which it can be used in generators, routers and other templates. This code can be copied from the template list item using the button.  
Template List Item

Article Templates

The article template has the same fields as the generic article template. It can be used to create a new article within the active world with each generation result. This is a great way to create a mass of articles with some basic information filled in or to quickly generate a throwaway NPC during a campaign which then can be deleted again. Or in case that they turn out to be important can be retained and expanded upon.   These fields are all part of the template. The fields are processed in order from top to bottom as written down in the list. Note that this order does not match the order in the interface. The content of each field is copied into the respective field of the article when the article is generated.  
  • Generator Warmup: The content of this section is not added to the output. It can be used to generate certain values in advance. This is useful when a value is used in multiple fields.
  • Article Title
  • Subheading
  • Excerpt
  • Credits
  • Content / Vignette
  • Sidebar Top
  • Sidebar Bottom
  • Sidebar Panel: Top
  • Sidebar Panel: Bottom
  • Footnotes
  • Full Footer
  • Article Tags


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