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Written by SoulLink
This feature is available to everyone.
  The public list and page are the pages where Random Generators can be found and used. These are available to all users and in many cases can even be used without a World Anvil account. However, several features can only be leveraged with an active world.

Public List

The repository of community-made random generators available to everyone. It can be explored in one of four ways.  
  • Feature Random Generators. At the top are three to four featured random generators. These are high quality or unique examples to showcase the possibilities of the system. They are switched out occasionally. The selection is made by the team.
  • Most Used: Displays a number of popular Random Generators.
  • Recently Published: Newly published Random Generators by the community.
  • Search: The search can be used to find generators on a specific topic or of a type. The search does a simple phrase match on tags and the tile.
  • Category Filters: These are currently not available as there are not enough random generators yet to require them. They will be added as necessary.

Public Page

The public page is how a specific random generator is used. Each public page has a unique URL that can be shared with anyone. The page includes a title, the main content field and a sidebar. The main content is where the output of the random generator is displayed. It is empty at first, to get the output press the button at the top of the right sidebar. Below the right sidebar is a space for notes and additional information.   The sidebar may contain information about copyright, data sources for the generator, what it generates, how it is generated and who created the random generator.   Use the button below the notes to embed the simple random generator in your articles.

Developer Data

This feature is available to Grandmaster and Sage guild members.
This section only appears for the author of the Random Generator. It displays the output of the warm-up sections and the structure of the generator variables. This information can be used to pin down where or why things go wrong.   For random generator creators there is additional information on the public page in the template reference. The public page is generated for each template component and can be configured via that.


Cover image: Photo by Alex Chambers


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