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The Heart of the Anvil

This section is currently under construction. Not all templates have been finished yet. If any of the links do not work yet come back later and follow this world to get notified when a new article is published!
  Articles are the core of World Anvil and the templates exist to help you format and connect your ideas and concepts. It is important that you carefully consider what kind of template you choose for something you wish to write about. In some cases, there is a simple and clear answer while for others there are several different options. These options then often depend on how you wish to talk about your concept.   When none of the templates feel fitting to you, you can always use the Generic Template as a fallback.

Inspiration & Examples

Each template is represented by an article using that template. You can navigate to them via the map below which corresponds to the dashboard creation or with the table of contents in the sidebar to the right. In each article, you can find each prompt field filled out with a few questions for further inspiration. In some fields, there are quote boxes that contain one common example which uses a specific example to show how this template could be used.  
Make sure to always check the sidebar. There you can find links to template related prompts and a list of all the templates which were mentioned within that guide.   Additionally, all the article templates which can be further categorized by a type dropdown contain a list of all the possible types within a spoiler.

Dashboard Article Creation Map

Dashboard Article Creation
Click on the template buttons to get to the templates!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to change the template of an article?
No. It is not possible to do so. The complexity of templates does not allow for a simple transfer from one to the other.  
Can I change the placement of the article sections when viewed?
This feature is available to Grandmaster and Sage guild members.
Yes. However, this is only possible with custom article templates which are only available to Grandmasters and Sages. Additionally, it requires some basic scripting knowledge with TWIG & HTML.  
Can I add an additional input field to an article template?
No. This is not possible in any way. Not even custom templates allow the customization of the template input fields.   What you can do is add a [h2] heading into an existing prompt box. This creates the same kind of heading and will look as if there was an additional box to the viewer.   If you feel that an input field should be added and could be useful to others as well, feel free to suggest a feature!  
I've seen others have moved the fields around and done things like having them side-by-side, how do I do that for my own world?
Some users don't use all or most of the template prompt fields and instead re-arrange everything using BBCode Tags in the vignette box.  
This feature is available to Master, Grandmaster and Sage guild members.
This can be improved by using the full-width footer available to masters, grandmasters, and sages. This container sits at the bottom of the article and does not have a sidebar making it more flexible to use for customizations.  
Is it possible to hide the sidbear?
This feature is available to all guild members.
Yes. There is a toggle which hides the sidebar from view in Sections > Sidebar Sections below all the input fields.

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25 Jan, 2022 09:38

Is there a template for gods or other higher beings? I think myth/legend is the closest one I could find, but it didn't really quite fit what I was looking for. Thank you!

25 Jan, 2022 10:00

It is intended to use the character template for these. There is a tab for divinity prompts.

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25 Jan, 2022 11:30

Thank you!