Anvil Coins

What are Anvil Coins?

Anvil Coins (or coins) are not, and will never be, a microtransaction feature.

Coins exist to reward you for engaging with the platform and community, not to gate you from accessing features.

You may spend them to create feature requests, and to vote on requests others have made. In the future, you will also be able to spend these Coins to nominate an article to be featured on the front page.


Earning Coins

Whilst previously only Guild Members could build their shiny draconic hoard by logging in each day, now everyone can earn coins by logging in.

Upcoming features, including Duels, and Quests, add routes to earn coins. Quests have been described as a writing prompt system. Duels have been described as quest sprints judged by word count.

Q: Can I purchase more Coins?

No. World Anvil Coins are not, and will never be, a microtransaction feature. This also includes the intentional absence of user-to-user coin-exchanges.

Q: Where can I see how many coins I have?

There are two ways currently to see how many coins you have: on your Notifications page and on the Community Features Voting page.


Earning WA Coins

RateCoins per Day
Inner Sanctum200

Spending Coins

Coins can be used for suggesting features for World Anvil and voting on suggestions of features for the site. You can also use coins to have your journal entry posted to the Global Feed.

More uses will be released over time.


Suggesting a Feature

On the help page, you can find the "I have a feature request" button. Click the button and you'll be taken to Voting Page with another button for "I have a feature suggestion."

It costs 300 Anvil Coins to make a feature suggestion. The price is to ensure that the suggestion has been seriously considered by the submitter.

Features that have at least 300 different votes and a positive score of at least +10000 will be taken under consideration as a feature for the site.

Voting on a Suggestion

To vote on suggested features, you follow many of the same steps as going to suggest a feature, but instead of submitting a suggestion, you may choose to vote on the suggested features you see.

Coins are spent according to how enthusiastic you are in favor for or against the suggestion. You may spend 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, or 300 to vote or downvote a feature by as many points. If you have entered text in the voting box, that will be shown next to your vote.

You can also vote anonymously!

Note - The World Anvil Team has the final say, regardless of a suggestion's popularity. Reasons for a suggestion to be rejected may range from "Doesn't match our vision of where World Anvil is developing" to a lack of resources or man power, or a technical limitation.


Your Journal Entry on the Global Feed

If you go to your profile page (click or tap the icon for your avatar at the top-right hand corner, then click or tap "Go to your Profile (User Name)", you will see your profile page announcing your most recent three articles, and then a box prompting "What are you up to?". This box is where you make a new journal entry or status update - journal entries are the full length entries you can add a title and then details into by clicking the words "Make it a journal entry" while status updates are the one line used to make the journal title.

If you spend the 500 coins to make the post a global one. This means it will appear on the World Anvil Dashboard (click or tap the World Anvil icon in the top left corner), and depending on your format, the feed will be on the right hand side under "User Stream" (Computer screen) or scrolled down under the News section (Mobile, like for phones).

The global feed is a way for you to get word of what you're doing out and before other people who may not follow you already.


Item type
Currency & Deeds

Anvil Coins are common and can be earned by: Logging in

Base Price

Nonpurchaseable - but is earnable

Raw materials & Components

Engagement and worldbuilding.


Upcoming Feature! Realms

Despite efforts from Discord members, the World Anvil Team has been keeping all possible leaks for sweet sweet hints, teasers, or previews of Realms a secret. Whatever it is, Realms are something one uses coins for.

It's a surprise!

— Xuroth (Dev)

Article Boosting

Upcoming Feature! - A way for users to suggest articles to be featured on the World Anvil Community page using coins to do so.


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previous page quoted: "Anvil Coins can be redeemed in a whole host of ways like voting for features, boosting your favourite articles, getting profile stickers, building your realms and much more!" Where's my stickers??

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Coins are still in development, stickers haven't been implemented yet :)

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