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We have gathered here today to celebrate the establishment of the Global Dryad Alliance and its first success in creating the Dryad Save Wood Certification. This certification will show consumers around the world which wood products were created without killing any Dryads when harvesting the trees. The investigation and certification teams have been hard at work to certify logging companies who work with local dryad forests to ensure that no trees of dryads are felled. This effort has already lead to a reduction of dryad deaths by around 10% globally. But this is just the beginning.
  Wood is an important resource for humans and supernaturals. It is used in construction, to create furniture, tools and toys and many other things. This wood is harvested from forests around the world. Some of these trees are the bonds of dryads who die together with the tree when it is harvested. This has been a conflict for as long as dryads have existed and humans have been harvesting them. In the 19th century dryads were almost wiped out in Europe and other parts of the world. Since then they have recovered to some extent but are still threatened in many regions. The dryads have of course attempted many times to prevent humans from destroying their homes. Although these often violent efforts were usually effective at first the dryads inability to actually move away was always their downfall.   In many cases the Hunter's Guild got involved to kill the dryads and protect human interests. Over time some dryads all over the world found ways to cooperate with humans to ensure that their needs for wood were met, but the life of the dryads is protected. This cooperation found a new height with the founding Global Dryad Alliance. This is a non-profit organization supported by most of the major dryad forests in the world. Its goal is to create a world of peaceful coexistence for both dryads and humans. It lobbies the United Nations and national governments to create laws and standards for ethical logging to protect and safeguard dryad populations around the world. One such effort is the Dryad Save Wood Certification which is given to logging companies that do not harm any dryads in their operations. This certificate has become a staple and is required to compete in most markets for consumer good wood.

Logging Industry

The logging industry is a crucial industry that supplies construction companies and manufacturers for wooden consumer goods. This industry has seen a lot of change in the past two centuries. Beginning with the population increase in the 19th century and the construction of large wooden navies saw an enormous increase in required wood supply. At the turn of the 20th century this boom had already ended and its demand was largely replaced by steel, concrete and plastic. This did not mean that logging halted entirely as wood is still an important material used for many things. With the rise of environmental concerns in the late 20th century the logging industry was forced to move towards more sustainable logging practices. During this time a number of ethical practices were introduced as well in the name of ecological balance. These practices was only recently revealed to everyone that it was pushed by dryads to protect their lives from the logging industry.

Ecological Impact

Logging has a major impact on the environment. Forests capture a lot of carbon dioxide and are important habitats with high bio-diversity. Many efforts are made to protect these forests for this reason. Ethical and sustainable logging are ways to reduce the impact of this practice on the environment and prevent the deaths of many dryads. Various methods are used to achieve this.
Trees (like Olive Tree)
Logging, Woodworking
Adirondack Logging

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