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United Nations

Yeah its a lot of talking. And lot of it never gets anywhere, but without talking there is always only going to be war. So we talk and talk until we maybe find a way. Maybe even a solution that nobody is unhappy enough to veto.
— UN staffer
The United Nations is the largest organization in the world. A vast bureaucracy with the goal to create lasting world peace. A goal which has not been realized fully even after fifty years of existence.

Recent History

The United Nations have been a crucial platform for humans and supernaturals to coordinate and to sit together and talk about the rules of this new world order. One of the big changes is a move to make many names more inclusive of supernaturals. At first many argued that they were all humans anyway as well, but once it became clear that many really did not identify as humans are were much different the pressure to change certain names and institutions became very strong.   The human rights charter was expanded to include all supernaturals in language and give them the same rights only three years after the fall of the Veil. This was a very historic moment as it marked the first time since the creation of the charter that it was changed from its adoption in 10 December 1948 with Resolution 217 A.


The United Nations are a vast organization of committees and suborganizations. At its heart are the Security Council and the General Assembly. The other central institutions are the Economic and Social Council, the International Court of Justice and the Secretariat.   The Trusteeship Council is largely defunct and only remains for historical reasons. Some have voiced the opinion that this council could be used to manage potential off-world locations in other dimensions.   In addition to these central institutions, there are many other programms, institutions, commissioners and councils. Each of them founded for a specific purpose to improve a situation or help a specific group of people.   The Elder Council is one of these institutions which is recognized as the central body to represent all vampires and their interests around the world.

Public Relations

The United Nations has relations with all nations of the world and many if not most international organizations around the world. In the public eye the UN is often not viewed very well or just considered to be irrelevant.   With the appearance of supernatural communities and many new issues and conflicts faced by all nations across the globe many in the UN saw an opportunity to increase the profile and importance of the United Nations by focusing on these new issues. This has lead to a much higher visibility of the UN amongst humans and for many supernaturals UN resolutions and agencies were crucial in helping them securing their rights and often times their lives.

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