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Adirondack Logging

Back when I first heard of the idea that dryads were going to create a logging company I was outraged! I joined a few of my friends to protest their attempt to reach out to the community. It went about as well as you might imagine. At the same time they did answer some of our questions with good answers. Usually loggers didn't care about dryads, but these ones were dryads themselves! So they understood. Still I wasn't convinced back then at all.   But now look at me only five years later. I've been on the job for a year and I've seen what we have achieved. And I have to say I have become a bit proud to work at Adirondack Logging!
— An employee of Adirondack Logging
  A logging company run by dryads. They were the first to apply and receive the Dryad Save Wood Certification. They did not have a difficult time to fulfill all the criteria as all employees are dryads. The yearly checks done by the Global Dryad Alliance are successful with flying colours.   Dryads have a very deep understanding of trees. They can even communicate with them to a certain degree. This gives them a competitive edge in the logging business. They create very high quality wood and loose almost no tree to pests. Furthermore dryads can speed up the growth of trees with their supernatural abilities. The company produces high quality lumber at decent quantities.   The company sells all their product to saw mills in the region. They do not run a saw mill themselves and focus on the lumber business.


The founding of the company had to fight an uphill battle. They were a rag-tag team of activists who had been fighting the industry for decades. One night one of them had this crazy idea: "Why don't we show them how to do it right!?" It was never about not cutting any trees. There are of course some dryads who want to protect all trees, but most dryads see that is not realistic. Wood is a very useful material with many use cases.   Many times along the way they though about if they made the right choice. A few of them left along the way. The hardest moment was when former friends sabotaged equipment. This prevented them from working for several weeks. Still the company forged ahead and even made a profit. Invested into lobbying for regulations to better protect dryads. Making the world a saver for dryads and their trees.

Area of Operations

The company started their logging operations in High Peaks Wilderness Area. They secured a logging permit in this forest preserve under strict regulations. As they showed that the quality of the forests was even improved to regulators they were able to expand their area of operations . It helped that many of the inspectors were dryads themselves.   The company took off after the fall of the veil and with the introduction of the Dryad Save Wood Certification. They were able to secure logging rights all over the state expanding their business . Once the they dominated the lumber market in the state they decided to expand into other states and founded subsidiaries. These subsidiaries are run by members of local dryad communities. Communication between them is only possible on digital channels. This is because dryads can't travel to far from their tree. Today the company and its subsidiaries are the leading logging business in Northeastern America.
Annual Revenue
~20 Million US-Dollar
Area of Operations
High Peaks Wilderness Area, Northeastern America

Cover image: Photograph by Robert Larsson


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