USS Intrepid

Essex-class Aircraft Carrier (Decomissioned)

Going on the Intrepid is pretty interesting. You can wander around the ship, inspect many fighter jets from up close and even see the space shuttle Enterprise! But really, the most interesting are the night tours! Absolutely can't miss those.
— An amazed visitor.
  The Intrepid has been a museum ship since 1982. It is a key component of the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. Over the years, the vessel has been renovated, and the exhibition was regularly expanded and changed.


The ship's deck is one of the main attractions of the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. Several fighter jets and other aircraft are displayed on it. The biggest attraction is the space shuttle Enterprise. The ship serves as a platform to educate on history, engineering and technology. Its many decks are home to many exhibits of various topics.


There are four decks of interest that can be visited on board of the Intrepid. Each deck has its own purpose in operation of the ship and usually several points of interests and exhibits.   The flight deck is the area on top of the carrier. Visitors can wander around on it and look at various restored aircraft that are positioned on the deck. The three points of interest are the space shuttle pavillon, the restoration pavillon and the vessel's island. On the island, visitors can climb on the crow where it gives an overview over the flight deck and how massive it really is.   Below the flight deck is the gallery deck which features the Squadron Ready Room (SRR) and the Command Information Center (CIC). The crew used the SRR as the briefing room for pilots about to fly out on missions. In the CIC, the crew tracked the movements of all ships and aircraft around the aircraft carrier.   Next is the hangar deck which is used today as a big indoor exhibition room. It features multimedia exhibits that educate and immerse visitors in the history of the Intrepid. The last deck is the third deck which features crew quarters and the mess. It features exhibits on the life of the crew aboard the Intrepid to let visitors imagine how the life on the high seas is for these sailors.

Night Tours

A crew of around twenty remnants haunts the ship. They became bound to the ship during the carrier's service in World War II. The remnants are mostly stable and can make themselves visible to visitors during the night. The crew was pacified and strengthened by the summoner Kathleen Flores in the aftermath of 9/11.   The crew is comprised of four Japanese Kamikaze Pilots and fifteen US Marines who died in the line of duty during World War II. The last remnant was an engineer who died in a horrific accident while the Intrepid was repaired from damages. A living tour guide accompanies the visitors during the night. The engineer talks about the systems of the vessel, while the soldiers bring the war time stories to (un)-life. The employee translates for the Japanese remnants as they do not speak English.   This nightly tour is a very well known attraction and visitors from around the world book it often months in advance.
Hell's Kitchen
Pier 86, 46th West Street
Essex-class aircraft carrier
The Fighting "I"
28.3 m (waterline)
249.9 m (waterline)
27'500 - 36'960 t
Complement / Crew
2'600 officers and enlisted men
Aircraft carried
91–103 aircraft
Added to NRHP
14 January 1986
Designated NHL
14 January 1986

Cover image: USS Intrepid by Nrbelex


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Grandmaster KajetanWrites
Kajetan Krakowiak-Świątnicki
19 Sep, 2021 11:26

The night tours with the remnants sound scary and interesting. Are the Japanese and American remnants on good terms with each other?

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19 Sep, 2021 12:01

They are yes. Kathleen made sure of that :)

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19 Sep, 2021 15:01

Nice article. Takes me back to when I visited it , sadly before the shuttle was moved there :( Especially the exhibits are fun. When I was there it had a flight simulator that could turn around, quite fun to do barrelrolls xp

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Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
19 Sep, 2021 23:17

I love how the piece lures me in with straight-up realistic description, and only brings in the fantastical elements near the end. That way, by the time I reach the section on the remnants, I have no doubt that they are real. My suspension of disbelief and my envelopment in the fictive dream of the piece are complete. Nice work!

20 Sep, 2021 06:41

Thank you Chris for you kind comment!

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30 Sep, 2021 22:49

I always love how you take the mundane and give it a fantastical twist. I would love to go on one of the night tours. :D

1 Oct, 2021 05:12

Thanks Emy! It would be spooky, but definitely worth it :)

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4 Oct, 2021 15:02

Good job, and awesome blend of the mundane with the fantastic.   In the flight deck paragraph, i think it is supposed to be "how massive" not "high massive."   Only other small thing from me (being a Navy vet), is I would prefer to seen the classification as CVA-11 or CVS-11, as that is what I am more used to, but research has shown me that classification can be interchanged with both hull-number and prefix, so not really something that is necessary to change.

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Thank you for your kind words! Fixed the typo :)   After a little research, I decided to change it anyway to include both the callsign and the hull number. Mostly because the prefix is already in the title, so it's not really needed.

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5 Oct, 2021 08:07

This sounds like a really fascinating museum! I want to go, shame it's so far! Do the remnants get bored of doing the same thing again and again or are they not aware enough for that. Could they leave if they wanted?

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5 Oct, 2021 15:44

Thanks Amélie!   They can't move away from the ship too much, but they have a bit of a radius in Manhattan. As for getting bored: They might at some point, which is when they might be ready to move on.

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