Remnants have many names. They are called ghosts, earthbound spirits and many more things. They are created when a human dies a very violent death and a splinter of their soul remains on earth. This splinter will carry the trauma and a memory of that person with them and remain stuck. They can affect electricity and in some cases even the air. These remnants can feed on the negative emotions of humans close to them. When something really bad happens these remnants can grow pretty powerful and then actually affect the real world. They can use this to cause more negative emotions in the people around their location which in turn makes them stronger. They rarely have a sense of purpose. They simply are driven by instinct.   In some cases when they have been fed enough energy they become aware of their situation and might want revenge for their death. This can become very dangerous should someone have killed them or have caused their death by accident.   In a few cases a remnant is actually fed by positive emotions. These can become guardian spirits for someone they have loved in live such as a surviving partner or child.   A remnant out of control can be banished or dispersed with magical means. Often such a spirit can be destroyed with magic suppression or anti-magic. Otherwise a holy ritual can shatter the soul splinter to make it go aways and dispirse all of the negative energies.   The most effective way to deal with remnants is to give them some form of closure and pacify them. The soul splinters will then lose their attachement to the world and move on to wherever that may be.   This is however no easy feat as it is often almost impossible to figure out what a remnant wants. this is why the more violent approaches are used more often.   The people who can help resolve these issues are called summoners or ghost whisperers. They are very rare and their ability to hear and see soul remnants is usually hereditary. Many who have this ability are considered crazy though in recent years the phenomenon has become much better understood.   Remnants can't be created in any other way and do not just appear naturally. They also do not reproduce or expand in any way.
Alternative Names
Ghosts, Earthbound Spirits, Spirits, Souls, Shadows

Cover image: Book of Magic by TJ Trewin


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