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Soul Technology

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  A category of technologies that can manipulate souls with the use of mechanisms that combine technology and supernatural phenomena. It technically only referes to modern contraptions but even most scholars include items that are centuries old and only use supernatural means to affect souls. The study of these existing contraptions is a significant portion of what soul researchers do even today. Their effects are often well understood and experimentally proven but there are still many question marks on why they work the way they do.

Control & Proliferation

As this technology is very powerful and dangerous the factions with access to it are committed to prevent uncontrolled proliferation. The involved factions are Lytton Arms, the Legion of Glory and the Hunter's Guild.   A treaty between them ensures that this technology is only used for very specific cases and may not be shared with or sold to unaffiliated factions. The treaty does not apply to peaceful uses of related technologies. The Legion of Glory has a general permission to use harmful or even deadly soul tech off world in other dimensions. Many of the enemies there are very powerful and are a threat to humanity. The Hunter's Guild uses soul tech in their soul prisons which they use to lock up very dangerous individuals that cannot be killed or are at least very hard to kill.   Only high level executives, involved soul tech researchers and engineers and soul tech operators as necessary are even aware of this treaty.

Classification Scheme

Soul technologies are classified by how they affect souls. A    

Known Applications

Applications within the field are rare and limited.  
  • Soul Restoration. This can be used to speed up the self-healing of a soul considerable. The effectivness depends on the device used and the compatibility with the targeted soul.
  • Soul Suppression. A method to suppress the soul of anyone without any soul protections. When applied for just a few seconds on a soul the host will fall unconsious for a short while. Any person will stay unconcious while the suppression is applied.
  • Soul Cage. A small cage that can hold any souls of those that have died. The soul cage can hold several dozen souls at once. However, souls held in this manner will slowly detoriate over time.
  • Soul Prison. A large contraption that can hold a single living beings soul trapped within. The prison is almost impossible to escape out of no matter how powerful the prisoner is as they do not even realize that they are trapped. Even if they realize they will still have a hard time breaking free.

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