The World Behind the Veil is a fictional universe of urban fantasy with inspiration from existing urban fantasy settings and folktales from around the world. The setting features a wide range of characters and organizations in their struggle to overcome the challenges of this century with the supernatural newly exposed to humanity. The world itself can be a dark place, but its inhabitants can have lasting positive impact on the world when they try.   This document is intended to give you an idea what this setting is about and where to get started to explore it!
Urban Fantasy
  • Mudane Things with a Supernatural Twist
  • Legendary Creatures and Characters Interact with the Mundane World
  • Powerful Factions Fight to Achieve their Purpose
  • Investigators Uncover Mysteries

The Factions

A faction is a group of organizations and individuals with a common purpose, mission or goal. Each faction has their own unique circumstances and issues they face. Most factions have some relations with the other factions which is part of what determines their place in the world. For each faction there is an overview page to introduce their core concepts and important aspects.

Dragon Loyalists

Adirondack Park Alliance

Hunter's Guild

The loyal followers of the last dragon with a lot of influence, wealth and soft-power. They support orphans, outcasts and fugitives and recruit them into their ranks. They are neutral towards other factions unless their members, those under their protection or other interests are directly threatened.   This is the most expanded faction!   Read More!
An alliance of several different factions present in the Adirondack Park. This alliance was formed to create peace in the region after pressure from the New York Archdruid.   This faction has just the basics.   Read More!
A global and vast bureaucratic organization which employs hunter's to control the populations of supernatural threats. This organization is often hated or feared by the supernatural communities, but many have found an understanding with them to protect themselves.   This faction has just the basics.   Read More!

The Places

The focus of this world is on Manhattan and the Adirondack Mountains. They contrast each other to the extreme, but are still relatively close by in real terms.


Adirondack Mountains

As the urban core of New York City, Manhattan is one of the most densely inhabited places in the world. The borough is one of the most important centers of commerce, entertainment and art. Communities with ancestries or roots from all over the world call it their home making it a very diverse place.   Explore the many points of interest and the factions that control or own them!   Check it out!
A vast forest preserve at the heart of the state of New York. Many different supernatural communities have made this wilderness their home, which is dotted by small human settlements.   Explore the many natural places found in this region!   Check it out!

The Lore

Articles on the basic concepts and aspects of the world that are not specific to a single faction. They add background information to the species and lineages, cultures and languages, traditions and rituals, myths and legends, and technologies and materials.   This section is the most in flux and a bit all over the place!   Get Started!

Notifications for Followers

Images & Art

World Meta

When you follow my world you will get some notifications for articles that I consider done or have received a major rework or update. There is no real consistency when these notifications come out as I just write when I have the time and the inspiration for it. I hope you enjoy reading them!  
All the art and images used in this project are either commissioned or used based on an open license.   The painted header art and book covers are created by the wonderful TJ Trewin on commission by me. Make sure to check out his website!   All of the character portraits are generated on Artbreeder. This is a AI assisted art generation tool that can create portraits, characters, landscapes and more.   The photographs are all published with an open license either on Wikipedia Commons, Unsplash, Pixabay or Pexels.   All art is credited to their author. Should you find an image that is not credited please let me know so I can fix it!
A category dedicated to the meta pages of this world. Explore the world meta, the indices, my projects, events, and resources.   Learn more!

Creative Liberties

This is an alternate reality from our own. Many things are going to feel familiar and this is very much intended, but no individual person that exists in this world is currently alive in the one you live in. Furthermore most information comes from the internet in many cases Wikipedia. I try to properly research any topics, but sometimes I will still just omit, simplify or adjust a fact to better fit this world. I do take creative liberties when adapting urban and mythological legends to my world.

Cover image: Book of Magic by TJ Trewin


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