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A very rare breed of Native American dogs. They were first recorded in the Mining regions of Chile in the sixteenth century. The dog breed has many different features, but they all share ruby-coloured eyes.   What makes them very special is their ability to smell precious metals and gemstones. In the past, they were used by miners to unearth more veins in the mountains and the mines. Modern technology now far outclasses their range and penetration and the dogs are no longer used in this capacity. Although many miner families in Southern America still own these dogs for traditional reasons.   The dogs are now kept as pets by both supernaturals and humans all around the world. Myths surrounding them tell of a the idea that these dogs bestow good fortune to owners who treat them well. Whether or not this is true or just a fabrication of a good animal protection organization is unknown.


There are only a handful of breeders in the world who breed this species of dogs. They are fairly high maintenance and do not breed easily. When bred with other dog breeds they often lose their supernatural abilities and with it their signature ruby red eyes. These eyes, which are bioluminescent in the dark, are what makes these dogs so valuable.


Just like all dogs, they require some meat-based food, regular attention and walks. They like to play with their owners and other dogs. What makes them different from other dogs is that they will chase after people wearing jewellery made of precious metals and gemstones. They love the smell of these things. It is advised to own a few high-value jewellery pieces for them to play with.
Dog (Supernatural Ancestry)
Eye Color
Ruby Red, Bioluminescent
Geographic Distribution
Global (Domesticated Only)
Alternative Names
Gemstone Dog, Gold-sniffer
Jewelry Thiefs
A group of jewellery thieves have become famous for using these dogs to steal high-value jewellery pieces.   It is likely that this has happened a lot more and these kinds of dogs are usually forbidden from entering jewellery stores.

Cover image: Book of Magic by TJ Trewin


Author's Notes

Loosely inspired by the Carbunclo. A legendary creature sometimes depicted as a dog, cat or baviva in Chilean myths.

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26 Dec, 2020 13:51

There is so much scope for family pet as puppy getting into all sorts of strife here. Very cool :-)

26 Dec, 2020 15:38

Thanks! I have some thievery related plans for them :)

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26 Dec, 2020 15:10

You got me there! The ability to smell gemstomes is super intriguing. Are they given special crystals/gems they can rub into, like cats with special African wood sticks?   Do they like the addition of golden leaves into their food or similar?

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26 Dec, 2020 15:40

They definitely want to play with your jewellery. So giving them something they can't break easily is not a bad idea. Although they do take stuff into their mouths they wouldn't be able to digest gold properly

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27 Dec, 2020 11:27

Oooh they sound adorable, I would be very down to have one :'0! I love the added detail of them being used by jewel thieves.   Quick feedback, you use the word ability a lot in the second paragraph ^^, great article!

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Awww, I want one! They sound really cute and useful. I love the potential for stories here with the thievery and such too.

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So adorable! <3

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Hrmm... giving me ideas for new critters in my own world! I could see something similar being bred by the Dwarves to aid in their mining operations! Not a dog, but something... we'll see!

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