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An Alliance For Us All - Speech

Shortly after the end of the Second Adirondack War the Archdruid Jemma Galloway held a speech to the representatives of all the members on the importance of community, peace and more and outlined the key elements of the Adirondack Park Alliance she envisioned all the present factions should join.   The speech was held in front of about 50 people and broadcasted both via radio and tv to the rest of the Adirondacks and New York. Most supernatural folks in the Adirondacks ended up listening to the speech and it became quite famous.   Many more people have listened to it since then and shared it. Quotes from this speech became memes and other cultural artifacts used by many different people all around the world.   Jemma Galloway was a gifted speaker so most of the speech was fully improvised on the spot, all she had was notes on the how she wanted the alliance to work, but mostly it focused on why it was important and why the people of the Adirondacks should care about this alliance.   The speech itself convinced some key hold outs that made the founding of the alliance possible in the first place. They were reluctant to join the alliance in part because they did not think it would serve their interests, but also because some of the though it would make them look weak in front of their communities. The speech heavily shifted the publics perception of the alliance in the following days as people kept discussing it in radio, TV, on social media and in person.
Meeting Venu, Saranac Lake
23. August 2008

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