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Melior - Best of World Anvil 2021

My short and sweet cover letter for the mystery judges of the Best of World Anvil 2021 submissions.

Dear Mystery Judges,  
You are formally invited to a curated expedition through the dark fantasy world of Melior.   During this exclusive excursion you will find yourself immersed the in local traditions, wonders, and horrors of the Jolundrian Empire.   Be sure to check your travel brochure and local map during your travels for the ultimate escapism experience!   The dark tones are lightly spiced with plentiful puns, so grab your rucksack - and explore the world I've built!  

P.S. In addition to the details found on the form submission, you may find this year's itinerary below.


TJ's 2021 Submissions



Cover image: Map of Melior, imperial projection by TJ Trewin


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