The Christians are Coming

It has come to our attention that the Christians have located several of our smaller towns. I believe it is now time for us to move deeper into the woodlands and locate a place we can fortify.
— partial translation
  In the year 2236 CE after the discovery of how to craft luminescent ink, pagan scholars re-discovered the lost language of the Ogham, spreading it's use for the passing of messages as a way to protect their communities. With the Christians having re-ignited the witch hunts, those who were the initial sufferer's of Magicus Imperious needed a secret language.  
I have counted a total of about one thousand armed people on the move. They are about a week's march from the nearest community in Nelson. That is if they are not slowed by lack of food.
— last port of missive
  This letter or missive was sent via messenger ravens to every community in order to save lives.  
I uish I cneu hou those damned UITCHES were passing messages and afoiding us. Eferytime ue get near one of their touns, it is bloody uell deserted. — Cardinal Uoolsey
— Later missive sent to community after the first villages were found abandoned
Translation of above quote:
I wish I knew how those damned WITCHES were passing messages and avoiding us. Everytime we get near one of their towns, it is bloody well deserted. — Cardinal Woolsey


This message was sent for the purpose of rallying the magical community to defense.
Report, Intelligence
Vellum / Skin
Authoring Date
October 30, 2236


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