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Trading in the Godless realm

I'll give you the smell of warm snow falling on the clouds for that silver figurine!
— Lewdil

The fey take trading very seriously. However, it is not always clear why they ask for such strange prices. Fey who are native to The Bright, will be reluctant to accept payment in coins. They are much more interested in gaining far more important things...

Trade ideas

  • Eye colour exchange (unexpected result: you gain/lose any vision related senses)
  • Knowledge that only the PC has
  • A sad/funny/scary story
  • A memory (unexpected result: if the fey really likes or dislikes the memmory, they may delete it)
  • A sentimental item
  • A magical item
  • Food from the material plane
  • The ability to sneeze (unexpected result: -2 to saves against inhaled poisons)
  • A special recipe (family recipe, favourite recipe)
  • The clothes one is wearing right now
  • One's accent (unexpected result: person has a foreign accent, even when speaking in their own language)
  • The ability to taste sweet/sour/acid/salty/bitter
  • The knowledge of how to cast a specific spell
  • All of the person's body hair
  • The person's appetite
  • An unusual gem, for example, with a blemish or an imperfection
Trading in gold is accepted, but prices are normally a lot more expensive. Most items found in the material plane can be found in the Godless Realm, but most fey charge three times more than average prices in the Material Plane.
Particularly annoying characters and/or characters who ask about "normal prices" may get charged up to twice that amount (six times the average of Material Plane prices).
How to trade intangible things?
Newcomers to the plane may not know how to trade a feeling or a memory. The process is not too complicated, but it has its drawbacks.
Usually, it requires a physical or mental connection. The process can be eased through the use of magical incense that partially sedates or amplifies one's abilities.
For example, for trading memories, foreheads must be joined for one minute. At the end of the minute, one must make a DC 15 Will save. Failure means that the character is staggered for as many hours as the amount they failed their DC by. Fey are not subject to these issues.

The realm has its own price & consequences for trading

Every time an outsider to the realm makes a trade with a fey native, an odd effect occurs. I roll on table 2 from Wayfinder 18: Fey and the First World.   Mogo made his first trade in the Godless realm after less than an hour in it. As a consequence, he is going to find pamphlets in his pockets every morning and he is going to be compelled to hand them to every new person he meets. He does not read Sylvan, nor does anyone else in the party, so they have no idea what the pamphlets say.  

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