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The Burst

The circular rock wall of Pindrop becomes dwarfed by the bubbles surrounding its only visible entrance.   Dozens of bubbles of all sizes surround Pindrop's entrance: tiny bubbles, small bubbles, medium, large, and even huge-sized bubbles. Bubbles small enough to only accommodate a few sprites at a time, or a good congregation of Gathlain in the largest ones.   Inside of the bubbles, colourful market stalls and their owners go from one bubble to the next in a busy to-and-fro.

The History of Pindrop's External Market

Pindrop's eternal silence works well for mimihs and other creatures that have telekinetic abilities. However, other creatures often feel inadequate in their language, limited to sign-language. And thus, they expose themselves to the horrible noise of the eternal crying widow.
Thanks to the realm's shaping abilities, stall owners create bubbles that drown the majority of the crying sounds and allow for shouting, banter, chatter, gossiping, and every other interaction that normally goes around in markets.

Trading in The Burst

Bubbles are kept open in large part thanks to their owner's shaping abilities. Many traders do not have such a firm grasp on shaping the reality of The Bright, and as such, their bubbles may explode if they do not keep at least some concentration on their existence.
Often times, a bubble will burst as a merchant closes a deal, inundating their customers with the sounds of the weeping widow coming from Pindrop. While this is a bit of a laughing matter for a lot of the merchants, it has become a bit of a custom to let one's bubble explode after a really good deal. Often, this is done by experienced traders who have enough reputation so that everyone knows it was not an accident. However, it is difficult to know who does it really on accident and who does not.
That new kid... Their bubble explodes every day exactly after their third sale. I do not think this is an accident, Lewdil!
— A suspicious Gathlain to their partner


No matter at what time one goes to the market in The Burst, there are bubbles and merchants in there.
Alternative Name(s)
The soundscape market

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Famous personalities of the Buzz


Despite being a fetchling, Trip's colourful personality and appearance has earned her a warm spot in most citizens of Pindrop. She is warm and affable, but has a shrewd cunning for the best deals.


A coy Gathlain with some of the best magical wares outside of Pindrop. They have a rivalry with the family of mercanes that live in Pindrop.

Flowers at Midnight

A delicate dryad takes care of this soup shop where merchants come to talk shop and have a snack. Her shop closes one hour before the eclipse and opens one hour after the eclipse.

Cover image: by Olena Shmahalo


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Sage Serukis
Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
13 Dec, 2020 22:15

This is such a cool settlement - I love the idea of bubbles bursting and not really being able to tell if they're an accident or not.   I can't think of much that I'd want to know as a PC - maybe is there a way to get into a bubble once it is created or are they kind of an enclosed thing?

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea!
14 Dec, 2020 08:35

Thanks for stopping by! So far I had thought of the bubbles being quite simple, like soap bubbles. But maybe experienced merchants could have more intricate bubbles... I'll think about it, thanks for the idea!

15 Dec, 2020 00:41

What a creative idea for a market! I love the idea of people jumping from bubble to bubble shopping. So when they are between shops do they hear the wails of the widow or are they able to teleport between shops?

Check out Phasmatum for an Afro-Solar-Fantasy-Spirit World. Or something like that.
15 Dec, 2020 08:37

I'm so glad you enjoyed it :D   When people get out of the bubbles they indeed hear the wails of the widow(er) (I only recently discovered the word is different for male/female). So people try and minimize the time they spend between stalls, which stall owners of course use to their advantage!

Sage Rynn19
Wendy Vlemings (Rynn19)
18 Dec, 2020 07:16

I love the idea of a market of bubbles! It would be a wonderful place to visit.

3 Jan, 2021 22:01

Thanks! I do really think it'd be a sight to behold. Pity it's not real!