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After the Plague Primer

My campaign is going to need one new player soon (but open to two). One of the players wants to wrap up their character arc and leave the campaign. The other two players are keen on continuing and having someone join them along their adventure.


With that in mind, this primer focuses specifically on the region the characters are in, what they have done and not done, and potential ways in which new characters could be linked to their current adventures.


From the mangrove forests that surround Pertkwugo, to the blazing waterfalls of Thurangura, the Juuriki region is demarcated by thunderous storms. It roughly covers the area of the Candle River basin, and that is in fact what most grippli call the area.


The city of Pertkwugo is the second-largest city in Oceasile, housed in the mangrove roots of gigantic mangrove trees. The same mangrove trees that house the arcane magic school. The territory of the city is split in between two grippli clans; the Deft Fingers and the Salty Skins.


The city used to have a protector, a Thunderbird, but it died years ago. Many of the old magic school professors died as well during the plague. As a result, the city has been in danger and turmoil.

The Avian Ambassadors

A group composed of a grippli, a catfolk, and a tengu were given honorary membership to the Deft Fingers clan. This was to recognize the good they had done for the clan, as well as the future good they had decided to do: to travel far away, to the Thurangura falls, and convince a Thunderbird to become the city's protector.


This was over two months ago. Since then, Pertkwugo has descended into further chaos. Clan rivalries are higher than ever, strange nightmares plague the dreams of all their citizens, and the magic school is in the midst of a shadow war. The Avian Ambassadors should have come back by now, but no one has heard from them.


Will it be you who traces back their steps, and finds out what their fate is?

Mogo & Ms. Chuckles by Gwen
Dai by Gwen
Rumuk by Gwen

Other hooks & buy-ins



It has been a couple of months since Rumuk left, and in the meantime, the tengus have not been idle. They intend to reach the rainforest with or without him. They have long started surveying the tunnels underneath Juuriki, knowing that the watery labyrinth goes all the way into the rainforest.


Recently, a strange messenger arrived, supposedly carrying Rumuk's words. This avian toy, with half their feathers black and half white, spoke of a time in the Godless Realm that changed Rumuk into someone else. The messenger, who said their name was Galeek, also brought encouraging news. Somehow, Rumuk had obtained a map of how to traverse the caverns underneath Oceasile, providing safe(r) passage from the coast to the tengu's rainforest.


It is imperative to get the map as soon as possible since the deteriorating situation in Pertkwugo is a looming threat. You have been tasked with tracking and finding Rumuk and his map.

Galeek by Gwen


The Collectors

It has been many generations since The Collectors have had a shop in Pertkwugo. Ever since the signing of the Material Components Acquisition for the Nine Schools agreement.


Whether you are a student of the school looking for extra cash or a member of the organization looking to travel, you likely found yourself in the path of the Avian Ambassadors while on a collecting trip. What draws you to stay with them and help them in their path?

Message in a kite

A kite, weighed down floated down the river that courses through Pertkwugo. A message that betrays both the sender, and their complete ineptitude of how wrong things have gone with Bogwaguu.

“Whoever finds this, deliver it to Bogawuu and get 1 gold piece. Bogwaguu, please contact the Avian Ambassadors.”

Planar Travellers

The Avian Ambassadors? No, everyone knows that they are called the Redcap Ravagers! And Rumuk is not a tengu anymore, they are a fetching nowadays and she calls herself Kanaak!
— Sirlis, a gnomish catfolk who claims to be friends with the group
The Avian Ambassadors by Gwen

Not only did you travel to the Godless Realm, but then you travelled to a whole other continent! A one-way journey, as you discovered. You have been living in Crabville or Pindrop ever since. Adapting and maybe even thriving, for who knows how many years...


Ventured ones, the name the fey give to adventurers from your world, arrived in Pindrop and shook things quite a bit. They also brought worrying news, about a plague that has ravaged your world. How long have you been here? Did you travel here before the plague, or did you simply forget about it?

by PSuzume

You join with a group that has paid a group of smugglers a lot in order to take them safely to the crossing into your world. You'll be in Oceasile, not in the continent you came from, but it should be safe, right? Except... the city of Pertkwugo is nothing but safe. They say a group of adventurers left hoping to improve things... will you take after them and help them return things to normal?

Cover image: by Jay Park


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